You guys, I’m so excited! On December 7, we’re all going back to Bootleg Springs where the investigation into Callie Kendall’s disappearance is heating up. And so are things between good guy Bowie Bodine and sheriff’s deputy Cassidy Tucker!

I’ve got a cover and a blurb for you to drool over, my friends!

All those years of adolescent fantasies and this was how Bowie Bodine first touched my boobs. And he apologized. Real life was stupid and unfair.

Small town deputy Cassidy Tucker’s dating life is a train wreck on repeat. All she ever wanted was a solid partner. A man to share pajamas with. The handsome, big-hearted Bowie Bodine. Wait. Scratch that. Mr. You’re-Like-a-Sister-to-Me is not welcome in her fantasies.

She and Bowie aren’t going to happen—that’s been clear for a long time—and as for the rest of mankind? Cassidy’s officially giving up on love and adopting cats. Good thing the cold case disappearance of Callie Kendall is heating up to keep her distracted. Except the investigation is testing her friendship with all the Bodines—Bowie in particular.

Bowie knows he can’t have his little sister’s best friend. He made a promise and he’s determined to keep it. But putting distance between them isn’t easy—not when she lives right next door.

Having her poke around trying to prove his father’s guilt isn’t helping either. All Bowie has ever wanted is to shed the No-Good Bodine reputation. It’s looking like he’ll never be free of that shadow.

But one nocturnal animal, a feverish against-the-wall kiss, and absolutely zero pajamas has a way of changing everything.

If you’re feeling antsy about waiting until December 7, jump back into Whiskey Chaser and Sidecar Crush to refresh your memory and your Callie Kendall conspiracy theories!

My latest release Finally Mine takes us back to Benevolence where we first met Luke and Harper. Finally Mine belongs to Gloria and Aldo. I fell hard for Aldo Moretta while writing his story. This wounded veteran hero has a heart that’s only eclipsed by the size of his manly chest. Gloria is one of my favorite heroines of all time.

And don’t even get me started on their happily ever after. SWOON!

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you might have to put your Kindle in the fridge to cool it off.

And yes, before you ask. Since Aldo and Gloria got their story in Benevolence, sexy firefighter Lincoln Reed will be getting his shot at love in 2019! I hope you all enjoy Finally Mine—and maybe take Pretend You’re Mine for a nostalgic re-read.

Mr. Lucy and I are back and badder than ever after an adventure in the Grenadines. We hoped on this ship here and bounced around the Caribbean island chain, soaking up the sun, rum, and camaraderie.

The SV Mandalay.

We were on board with 30+ other fine folks, sailing the high seas looking for adventure. Most of our vacations together could be labeled comatose what with our lounging, our snoozing, our sipping, and our staring off into space. So this one was a serious shift in gears for me. But it was so worth it. And it really made me appreciate how great out house and bed and bathroom that doesn’t have the shower head mounted directly over the toilet are.

Our cabin.

But this trip wasn’t about luxury and relaxation. In fact, I got sick twice (BAD—I barfed coffee) and Mr. Lucy’s day-long hangover took us out of commission for a third. We got home late last night and I’m still rocking back and forth like I’m on the water! However, despite all that it was one amazing trip!

Ahoy the sunset.

I learned some important things:

  1. My life needs more adventure that pushes me out of my comfort zone.
  2. The people living adventurously laugh more and look 20 years younger than their comfortable counterparts.
  3. Youth has nothing to do with how well you live your life. Most of the other passengers were close to if not over 70, strolling the rolling decks with a rum punch in each hand.
  4. Everyone has a story. One of my favorites is the opening pick up line that launched a decades-old marriage. “Hi! I’m Urs. Want a fish?” That was followed by a Swiss man dumping a dead salmon into the unsuspecting arms of a woman who at the time was in love with a piano tuner. They were married four months later.
  5. Some people have very violent reactions to motion sickness meds (me) and become convinced they are going to die (also me).

The view from Carriacou.

This trip was a lot of travel. Planes, ships, vans, and one long-ass car ride home at 2 a.m. Thankfully all of the planes had movies and TV. I watched:

  1. Black Panther: one of the best movies I’ve ever, EVER seen in my life and I don’t even like super hero movies!!! It delivered on every level and from a storytelling perspective it was perfection! If you have the chance, watch it!
  2. Bad Moms Christmas: a surprisingly heartfelt sequel.
  3. Pitch Perfect 3: Nothing will beat PP1, but I still love those aca-bitches.
  4. Under the Tuscan Sun: a rewatch for me.
  5. A rerun of the Kardashians after my touchscreen stopped working.

You’re probably more interested in the books I read, aren’t you? :) I approve these priorities. I also approve the following books!

  1. Engagement Rate by Annie Dyer (awesome beginning to a new family series)
  2. Rock Chick by Kristen Ashley (funny, reminiscent of Stephanie Plum!)
  3. Sophomore Slump by Alan Lee (hardboiled, smartass PI mystery)
  4. The Brightest Star by B. Cranford (I started this one on the plane home and haven’t finished it yet, but it’s a second chance story and you know I love those!)

I also learned that our asshole cat Cleo is ONLY AN ASSHOLE TO US! All week I was bombarded with texts from our cat-sitting friends sharing videos and pictures of cute Cleo snuggling and playing pleasantly with them. She didn’t stab a single one of them in the face! Not even once! WTF, Cleo?

Cleo pretending to be sweet.

Anyway, we had an amazing trip and are happy to be home! Blue Moon #6 is with the editors for its July release and tomorrow I’m starting a new project! I think you’re going to love it! xoxo

I like technology. It’s what gave us airbags and crockpots with built-in timers and e-readers that can hold thousands of books. There are two cool pieces of tech that have made my life as a reader better too. I use both and I love them so much I want to make out with the apps.

OK, so you all know I’m a romance novelist. But I am a reader first. And two of the biggest obstacles I face as a reader (besides bankruptcy from buying too many new books thank you very much KU Korner and BookBub) are:

  1. Finding new writers that I will love, and
  2. Remembering when a favorite author has a new release.

I found two apps that punch both of these issues in the face. Let’s look at finding new writers first. I have a hard time picking new books to read based off of just covers and blurbs. Blurbs aren’t long enough to give me a sense of the story and a good blurb can disguise flaws in the writing or the story. What to do? What to do?

Book+Main Bites

Book+Main Bites is a brand new social media platform FOR READERS. Create your profile, download the app, and boom! You just spent two hours reading excerpts (“bites”) of books based on your mood (wait, that was me). Thinking you want a hot forbidden stepbrother romance? Maybe a bodyguard trope? Looking for a new Christmas read? YOU CAN SEARCH BY THOSE! Search, explore all the bites you have time for, discover new books and writers, and follow your favorite authors.

You can follow me on Book+Main Bites here: @lucyscore

Fave thing about Book+Main Bites: I can try out new-to-me authors before I commit to a buy.


When you love a few dozen authors it gets hard to keep up with all their new releases. Some of my readers put my release dates in their calendars just in case they miss the emails or social media blitzes. Or, if I release on a day with twenty bestsellers… Enter Booksprout. Booksprout is an app that allows you to follow your fave authors and GET ALERTS ON YOUR PHONE when they have a new release or a sale. It’s. Awesome.

Follow me on Booksprout: Lucy Score.

Fave thing about Booksprout: I never miss a new release or a sale!

Other Stuff To Know

Both apps are relatively new (Book+Main launched this week) so functionality is advancing and the number of authors on both platforms will continue to grow. I use both apps and love them and no one is paying me to use them or say nice things.

Check them out and see if they feed your book addiction!

Cornelia and I met via my ARC team when she introduced herself to Mr. Lucy. Mr. Lucy immediately forwarded her email to me with something like “This woman is awesome.” Conny lives in Germany. She speaks and reads German but, disappointed with the limited availability of German language translations for romance novels, SHE TAUGHT HERSELF TO READ IN ENGLISH! I think that’s one of the coolest things I’ve heard.

I enjoy chatting with Conny whenever I get the chance. She works as a dog groomer, which is quite different from a dog groomer in the U.S. (Lucy note: She’s practically a therapist to dog parents who grace her shop and confess all their secrets to her! Believe me she has some hilarious stories to tell!)

Conny’s Life in a Nutshell

Cornelia is 62 years old has 5 children, 1 grandson, and is divorced. Her beloved Dachshund, Bente, is four years old.

Her hobbies include: reading(!!!!), sauna, gymstudio, cinema with her girlfriends, and beach holidays.

She’s a dog groomer and Tellington TTouch Practitioner I for dogs and companion animals. And in her spare time, she’s studying English at a German Evening University (“Thats what reading English romance books will do to a German grandma! Starting studying again.” )

Most of her books are stored on her Kindle, but she does keep some on a lovely shelf (pictured below). Her much larger bookcases managed to disappear in the divorce , but as Conny likes to say “Shit happens!”

When did you first fall in love with reading?

“I was nine years old. I read during the day in my preferred hiding place and at night under the sheets with a flashlight — until my father caught me!”

How do you choose your next book?

“It’ll choose me. It’ll be the next Titan book from Cristin Harber and then there are waiting a lot of books in my Kindle, including Morgana Best, JoAnn Bassett, Susan Kiernan-Lewis, CK Dawn, H.Y. Hanna, Paula Hawkins, Katie Cross, C.E. Thornton, Jean Lowe Carlson, Liliana Hart etc.”

What’s one thing that you think you should do but don’t/aren’t/never will?

“Have a complete plan for my day and follow it till the evening.” (One of Cornelia’s daughters is a doctor and impressively disciplined.)

What do you do to cure a book hangover?

“I like thinking about the characters and about possibilities how the storyline could continue if it would continue. Or I take Bente for a long walk in the forest.”

What’s the biggest adrenaline rush you’ve ever had?

“My first ride on a motorbike.”

If you weren’t a dog groomer and Tellington TTouch Trainer, what else could you see yourself doing?

“A herb woman. It’s such a great way of living.”

What quality do you admire most in other people?

“The determination of my son Henning. He’s setting a goal, starting, continuing and reaching it always to the target time.”

Favorite trope in a romance novel?

“I love reading military/law enforcement and enemies to lovers!”

What drives you insane and/or murders your soul?

“Lying. When I find that a person is lying to me, I get really pissed and try to avoid this person. Also, eating noisily and slurping during meal.” (Lucy note: This is so me, too! I can’t stand sitting near loud eaters!)

Claire Kingsley and I met via Facebook when a reader pal messaged me saying she thought I would be the right kind of writer friend for her friend Claire. And boom! A commiserating, sisterly writer bond was born. We both write romance full time, both love the beach, both of us have hubbies who are unbelievably handsome and supportive. I mean, we’re basically the same person.

Except Claire gets way more done in a day than I do. She homeschools her three kids and whips out high quality, funny, sweet, hot reads faster than I can drag my ass out of bed in the morning.

Lucy: Give us a nutshell view of your life (family, hobbies, etc).

Claire: My life is a little bit crazy. I’m married and I homeschool my three kids. That keeps me super busy—but it’s good busy. Other than that, I love to read (although I don’t make time for enough of it), and I’m a fan of geeky stuff like Game of Thrones, Star Wars, and superhero/comic book movies.

Lucy: What kind of an effect did publishing your first book have on you?

Claire: That was a badass moment. I decided I wanted to be a writer a long time ago, but I spent a lot of years focused on other things (having babies not the least among them). I wasn’t sure I was good enough to even finish an entire novel, and I carried that fear around with me for a long time. So when I not only finished my first novel, but went through the entire feedback, revisions, editing, etc. and then publishing process, it was amazing. It was like I’d kicked that doubt to the curb and proved I could actually do it.

Lucy: What does your writing process look like? How much swearing is involved?

Claire: All the swearing.

My process is messy. I start with brainstorming and lots of note taking. I have a few people I like to brainstorm with; kicking around ideas with another person is really helpful for me. I figure out who the characters are, what sort of backstory they have, the theme(s) I want to explore, the sources of tension and conflict, and so forth. Then I start outlining actual scenes/chapters. Usually I get partway done with the outline and start writing. From there, I go back and forth between writing and planning/outlining. Sometimes I write stuff completely out of order, simply because I have ideas in my head and I want to get them out. I’ve been known to write endings before I’ve even gotten to the middle of a story. Or I’ll write a little bit of dialogue for a scene and go back to it later. It’s very non-linear, but somehow it seems to come together at the end.

Lucy: What’s one thing that you think you should do but don’t/aren’t/never will?

Claire: This is a hard question! I can’t think of anything big or important. For the most part, I think I should be better about creating a schedule for work/family/life, but I’m bad at routines and schedules, so I probably won’t.

Lucy: A case of writer’s block hits. What do you do?

Claire: Depends. Writer’s block usually means one of two things for me. Either the story or scene is broken and I need to figure out why, or I’m getting burnt out.

If it’s a story issue (this is usually why I get stuck), I have to spend some time figuring out what went wrong. If there’s something that doesn’t work in the story, I can feel it. Maybe there’s a piece that’s inconsistent, maybe I’m going off on a tangent that doesn’t work, or maybe it’s just boring because I haven’t figured out how a particular element moves the story forward. I’ll talk it out with one of my brainstorming people. Sometimes just explaining that part of the story to another person is enough for me to figure out what’s not working. If not, usually pinging ideas back and forth will help me fix what’s broken.

If I’m burnt out, then I just need a break. I tend to write every day and I don’t take days off very often. Usually that’s fine—I love writing and I get twitchy when I don’t. But there are times when my brain gives me a big, fat NOPE and I need to give myself permission to take a real break.

If I’m only a little burnt out—fatigued, maybe—changing scenery helps a lot. If I’m at my desk, I’ll take my laptop to another room. Sometimes I’ll go for a drive by myself—listen to music and clear my head. That kind of thing.

Lucy: What’s the biggest adrenaline rush you’ve ever had?

Claire: Probably downhill mountain biking. My husband likes to do crazy stuff like that. We went to Stevens Pass (ski area in Washington) in the summer and rode the ski lift up, then biked down. That was intense.

Lucy: If you weren’t a writer, what else could you see yourself doing?

Claire: At this point in my life, if I wasn’t a writer, I don’t think I’d have a different outside job. I’d still be staying home with my kids (and theoretically have actual free time, LOL). Other than that, I honestly don’t know what else I’d do. I had a corporate-type career before I had kids, but that feels like a lifetime ago, and it’s not something I’d go back to. I think if I didn’t write, all that spacey daydreaming I do would just go to waste.

Lucy: What do you admire most about your hubby?

Claire: I love how he’s unapologetically himself. He doesn’t spend a lot of time or energy worrying about what other people think. He is who he is, he likes what he likes, and other people’s opinions don’t matter to him very much.

He’s also very random and spontaneous. I’m one of those people who needs to mull things over (sometimes too much—I’m a terrible overthinker). But he can just make decisions on the fly and roll with it. He keeps life fun.

Lucy: Favorite trope in a romance novel?

Claire: That’s a tough one. Friends to lovers is a big favorite. I love it when one of the characters (the hero, especially) is crazy about the other, but thinks they can’t be together. There’s so much angst in that type of unrequited love—spending time together, having to watch them date other people. When it’s done well, the payoff when they make it to their HEA can be really rewarding.

I love the opposite too—enemies to lovers. There’s so much room for the characters and the relationship to grow when they start out hating each other.

Lucy: What drives you insane and/or murders your soul?

Claire: When people are shitty to each other. Life is hard enough without making things difficult for other people. I like to take the immortal advice of Bill and Ted to heart: be excellent to each other.

Claire’s newest release, Hot Single Dad, is a swoon-worthy standalone that you should grab immediately!

“I loved this book from the beginning. I couldn’t get enough. This is literally one of my all time favorite books now.” ~ Sassy Southern Book Blog

Catch up with Claire on Facebook and in her reader’s group Alpha Ever After. If you need more mancandy in your life, you need to be an Alpha!

To see her impressive backlist, check Claire out on Amazon. And don’t forget to sign up for her newsletter. Subscribers get a free book!

My reader friend Nishi and I met on Facebook through a shared love of books. Her comments about her life caught my eye and I thought she would be the perfect person to kick off my Reader Interview blog series. We’re both Aquarians and share an obsessive appreciation for the Sweet Valley High books and Beverly Hills 90210. She’s well-traveled, organized, and has excellent taste in books. Speaking of books, her bookcases in London are going to give you a serious case of bookshelf envy. Scroll down and check those babies out.

Lucy: Give us a nutshell view of your life (family, hobbies, work etc).

Nishi: I am 32 years and live in London though currently relocated to Sri Lanka. I always travel between London and Sri Lanka as I have family living at both ends. I am a very bubbly and happy person in general and a proper Aquarian at heart. No, I don’t think I am Jennifer Aniston but I do so in my dreams sometimes. I love the simple things life and I do believe life is definitely an adventure. I have a sweet, bossy sister that I would die for, who keeps me in place in life. She is my safe place. My mom and dad are retired and run a B&B in a coastal area of Sri Lanka, which I help out at when I come on vacation. We are a close-knit family and there for each other any time or day.

I currently work as an event planner mostly doing destination weddings in Sri Lanka and running the B&B as well. After finishing my hospitality degree I worked in world class hotels in London such as Hilton, Four Seasons, and Claridges for almost 15 years. So, after a continuous loop of working and no life, I just wanted to take some time off and enjoy looking at the sunset. My hobbies are reading, travelling, photography, and reading.

Lucy: When did you first fall in love with reading?

Nishi: I was introduced to reading from the age of 8 by my granddad who I always saw asleep with a book. I thought that was awesome, but I wasn’t in to it as such until I was about 12. This was when I was introduced to The Famous Five, Secret Seven, and when I grew in to my early teens Sweet Valley High. I loved Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield and thought it would be so cool to have a twin (not how I looked then but maybe now :) ). I first fell in love reading was when I reading The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. “Remember that wherever your heart is, there you will find your treasure.” Although unlike my granddad I didn’t fall asleep, it kept me wide awake which didn’t actually give me the extra hours of sleep as I expected.

Lucy Note: I loved The Alchemist as well and had just finished a re-read of it when Nishi mentioned it. It’s a beautifully told hero’s journey full of timeless wisdom.

Lucy: How do you choose your next book?

Nishi: I choose my next book by researching what are the best books to read on for the next six months by different genres. Also, I do have a book fairy whom I met through Lucy’s Binge Readers her name is Denise Hoffman DeCuir. Denise has been recommending the greatest books to read. My very own Amazon matchmaker :). I love science fiction, romance, and mystery.

Lucy Note: Denise has incredible taste in books! I swear I’m not just saying that just because she likes mine. :)

Lucy: What’s one thing that you think you should do but don’t/aren’t/never will?

Nishi: Bungee jumping!

Lucy: What do you do to cure a book hangover? How about a book slump?

Nishi: For a book hangover, I don’t think I will ever have a cure :) and for a book slump, I think I will have a cup of coffee and rest my mind and then start over with the next best book.

Lucy: What’s the biggest adrenaline rush you’ve ever had?

Nishi: The biggest adrenaline rush I have is when I am just starting on an adventurous holiday. When I have planned everything to the hilt and just envision myself and visualize of the perfect holiday and destination.

Lucy: If you weren’t an event planner, what else could you see yourself doing?

Nishi: If I weren’t what I do now, I see myself as an acrobat in a circus :). I just love Cirque du Soleil.

Lucy: What quality in a significant other do you admire most?

Nishi: I admire a good sense of humor in a significant other. Even if they are serious and broody but they still can crack a joke? That’s the best thing ever.

Lucy: Favorite trope in a romance novel?

Nishi: My favorite trope in a romance novel is in Live out Loud by Marie Meyer where Harper who is deaf, but gorgeous meets rock star Thor who falls instantly for her. I just love the way he shows his love in his songs and she feels it through the vibrations of his music and how he learns ASL just to be a part of her world.

Lucy: What drives you insane and/or murders your soul?

Nishi: What drives me insane is when people are unkind to the beautiful environment we live in and litter it without giving a second thought. To me this explains more about a person.

Lucy Note: One of the MANY reasons I fell hard for Mr. Lucy is that he has no tolerance for litterbugs. If you litter, you’re an ass. It’s pretty simple. He told me the story of how once he was in his car in a parking lot and a man pulled in a few spaces down. The man threw his fast food bag out his window and got out of the car and went into the store. Mr. Lucy picked up the bag and “redistributed” the contents in the man’s open sunroof. I love him so hard!

Curious what a well-read reader like Nishi has on her bookshelves? Check out her beautiful London library. 

Nishi’s Favorite Books:

Nishi’s To Be Read List: