I’m not sure where December went, or 2017 for that matter. But I find myself already in the throes of January. How in the ever-living crap did that happen? Sigh. Anyway, let me catch you up, internets.

The Christmas Fix came out last month and was quite the Christmas hit! Here’s a few things that readers are saying about Cat and Noah and their enemies-to-lovers holiday rom-com…

“I laughed, cried, really ugly cried and smiled all the way through this loving Christmas tale.” – Thatmom

“The banter between the main characters is funny, sexy, angsty, and hot all in one.” – Xandy85

“So freaking cute! Ahhhhhh…..I love Enemies to lovers and this book hit me in all the feels!!!!!” – Andrea Danielle

And none of those reviews were from my mother! I know! Right? Mr. Lucy and I were thrilled with the reception that The Christmas Fix got. And, being a giant sucker for all things Christmas, I’m already plotting my 2018 Christmas novel.

Anyway, if you haven’t picked up The Christmas Fix, get those grabby hands on it. It’s in Kindle Unlimited!

What else have I been up to? For Christmas, Mr. Lucy and I visited six houses and something like 32 people! It was magnificent! We were still worn out by New Year’s Eve, so we went to an early dinner with friends and then were in comfy pants on the couch to watch the ball drop.

How about you? What did you do for the holidays? Did you make any resolutions? My main New Year’s resolution is to find more time in my day. I want to remember more things, not just wake up to a blur of writing all the words and zoning out in front of the TV to unwind every night. I want to finish 2018 with more amazing memories than 2017.

I’ll be checking in again soon with a new reader profile! I can’t wait!



Cornelia and I met via my ARC team when she introduced herself to Mr. Lucy. Mr. Lucy immediately forwarded her email to me with something like “This woman is awesome.” Conny lives in Germany. She speaks and reads German but, disappointed with the limited availability of German language translations for romance novels, SHE TAUGHT HERSELF TO READ IN ENGLISH! I think that’s one of the coolest things I’ve heard.

I enjoy chatting with Conny whenever I get the chance. She works as a dog groomer, which is quite different from a dog groomer in the U.S. (Lucy note: She’s practically a therapist to dog parents who grace her shop and confess all their secrets to her! Believe me she has some hilarious stories to tell!)

Conny’s Life in a Nutshell

Cornelia is 62 years old has 5 children, 1 grandson, and is divorced. Her beloved Dachshund, Bente, is four years old.

Her hobbies include: reading(!!!!), sauna, gymstudio, cinema with her girlfriends, and beach holidays.

She’s a dog groomer and Tellington TTouch Practitioner I for dogs and companion animals. And in her spare time, she’s studying English at a German Evening University (“Thats what reading English romance books will do to a German grandma! Starting studying again.” )

Most of her books are stored on her Kindle, but she does keep some on a lovely shelf (pictured below). Her much larger bookcases managed to disappear in the divorce , but as Conny likes to say “Shit happens!”

When did you first fall in love with reading?

“I was nine years old. I read during the day in my preferred hiding place and at night under the sheets with a flashlight — until my father caught me!”

How do you choose your next book?

“It’ll choose me. It’ll be the next Titan book from Cristin Harber and then there are waiting a lot of books in my Kindle, including Morgana Best, JoAnn Bassett, Susan Kiernan-Lewis, CK Dawn, H.Y. Hanna, Paula Hawkins, Katie Cross, C.E. Thornton, Jean Lowe Carlson, Liliana Hart etc.”

What’s one thing that you think you should do but don’t/aren’t/never will?

“Have a complete plan for my day and follow it till the evening.” (One of Cornelia’s daughters is a doctor and impressively disciplined.)

What do you do to cure a book hangover?

“I like thinking about the characters and about possibilities how the storyline could continue if it would continue. Or I take Bente for a long walk in the forest.”

What’s the biggest adrenaline rush you’ve ever had?

“My first ride on a motorbike.”

If you weren’t a dog groomer and Tellington TTouch Trainer, what else could you see yourself doing?

“A herb woman. It’s such a great way of living.”

What quality do you admire most in other people?

“The determination of my son Henning. He’s setting a goal, starting, continuing and reaching it always to the target time.”

Favorite trope in a romance novel?

“I love reading military/law enforcement and enemies to lovers!”

What drives you insane and/or murders your soul?

“Lying. When I find that a person is lying to me, I get really pissed and try to avoid this person. Also, eating noisily and slurping during meal.” (Lucy note: This is so me, too! I can’t stand sitting near loud eaters!)

My reader friend Nishi and I met on Facebook through a shared love of books. Her comments about her life caught my eye and I thought she would be the perfect person to kick off my Reader Interview blog series. We’re both Aquarians and share an obsessive appreciation for the Sweet Valley High books and Beverly Hills 90210. She’s well-traveled, organized, and has excellent taste in books. Speaking of books, her bookcases in London are going to give you a serious case of bookshelf envy. Scroll down and check those babies out.

Lucy: Give us a nutshell view of your life (family, hobbies, work etc).

Nishi: I am 32 years and live in London though currently relocated to Sri Lanka. I always travel between London and Sri Lanka as I have family living at both ends. I am a very bubbly and happy person in general and a proper Aquarian at heart. No, I don’t think I am Jennifer Aniston but I do so in my dreams sometimes. I love the simple things life and I do believe life is definitely an adventure. I have a sweet, bossy sister that I would die for, who keeps me in place in life. She is my safe place. My mom and dad are retired and run a B&B in a coastal area of Sri Lanka, which I help out at when I come on vacation. We are a close-knit family and there for each other any time or day.

I currently work as an event planner mostly doing destination weddings in Sri Lanka and running the B&B as well. After finishing my hospitality degree I worked in world class hotels in London such as Hilton, Four Seasons, and Claridges for almost 15 years. So, after a continuous loop of working and no life, I just wanted to take some time off and enjoy looking at the sunset. My hobbies are reading, travelling, photography, and reading.

Lucy: When did you first fall in love with reading?

Nishi: I was introduced to reading from the age of 8 by my granddad who I always saw asleep with a book. I thought that was awesome, but I wasn’t in to it as such until I was about 12. This was when I was introduced to The Famous Five, Secret Seven, and when I grew in to my early teens Sweet Valley High. I loved Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield and thought it would be so cool to have a twin (not how I looked then but maybe now :) ). I first fell in love reading was when I reading The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. “Remember that wherever your heart is, there you will find your treasure.” Although unlike my granddad I didn’t fall asleep, it kept me wide awake which didn’t actually give me the extra hours of sleep as I expected.

Lucy Note: I loved The Alchemist as well and had just finished a re-read of it when Nishi mentioned it. It’s a beautifully told hero’s journey full of timeless wisdom.

Lucy: How do you choose your next book?

Nishi: I choose my next book by researching what are the best books to read on for the next six months by different genres. Also, I do have a book fairy whom I met through Lucy’s Binge Readers her name is Denise Hoffman DeCuir. Denise has been recommending the greatest books to read. My very own Amazon matchmaker :). I love science fiction, romance, and mystery.

Lucy Note: Denise has incredible taste in books! I swear I’m not just saying that just because she likes mine. :)

Lucy: What’s one thing that you think you should do but don’t/aren’t/never will?

Nishi: Bungee jumping!

Lucy: What do you do to cure a book hangover? How about a book slump?

Nishi: For a book hangover, I don’t think I will ever have a cure :) and for a book slump, I think I will have a cup of coffee and rest my mind and then start over with the next best book.

Lucy: What’s the biggest adrenaline rush you’ve ever had?

Nishi: The biggest adrenaline rush I have is when I am just starting on an adventurous holiday. When I have planned everything to the hilt and just envision myself and visualize of the perfect holiday and destination.

Lucy: If you weren’t an event planner, what else could you see yourself doing?

Nishi: If I weren’t what I do now, I see myself as an acrobat in a circus :). I just love Cirque du Soleil.

Lucy: What quality in a significant other do you admire most?

Nishi: I admire a good sense of humor in a significant other. Even if they are serious and broody but they still can crack a joke? That’s the best thing ever.

Lucy: Favorite trope in a romance novel?

Nishi: My favorite trope in a romance novel is in Live out Loud by Marie Meyer where Harper who is deaf, but gorgeous meets rock star Thor who falls instantly for her. I just love the way he shows his love in his songs and she feels it through the vibrations of his music and how he learns ASL just to be a part of her world.

Lucy: What drives you insane and/or murders your soul?

Nishi: What drives me insane is when people are unkind to the beautiful environment we live in and litter it without giving a second thought. To me this explains more about a person.

Lucy Note: One of the MANY reasons I fell hard for Mr. Lucy is that he has no tolerance for litterbugs. If you litter, you’re an ass. It’s pretty simple. He told me the story of how once he was in his car in a parking lot and a man pulled in a few spaces down. The man threw his fast food bag out his window and got out of the car and went into the store. Mr. Lucy picked up the bag and “redistributed” the contents in the man’s open sunroof. I love him so hard!

Curious what a well-read reader like Nishi has on her bookshelves? Check out her beautiful London library. 

Nishi’s Favorite Books:

Nishi’s To Be Read List:




It’s Father’s Day in the U.S. and what better time to give all the dads and stepdads and stand-in dads out there a shout out?

You are our non-fiction heroes. Whether you’re coaching disastrous kid sports teams or working overtime or answering the seventeenth “Hey, daddy?” in five minutes, you and your big hearts are my inspiration.

Special thanks to my dad for—among many other things—

  • coaching our soccer teams
  • making our stuffed animals steer the truck
  • chasing us up the basement stairs until we all developed fears of stairs
  • pay day hoagies every Friday
  • introducing me to John Wayne movies
  • cooking dinner every night
  • reading every single one of my books
  • shooting that mean turkey with your slingshot when it was chasing me
  • enjoying excellent novelty t-shirts

And for all you readers out there who are missing a father or a father figure today, I hope warm memories brighten your day ????



I don’t know if I’m a complete weirdo, or if everyone envisions their perfect day of just the right amounts of family quality time, productivity, health consciousness, and relaxing. When I took complete control of all the hours in my day (24 to be precise), I failed miserably in all arenas. I thought not being at work for nine hours a day would magically turn me into the productivity fairy, sprinkling creative writing dust around my home office while laundry and dishes and dinner took care of themselves.

Yeah, that was total crap. Apparently, if I don’t have a plan and deadlines and a list and alarms on my phone, I get zilch done. I don’t even know what I do with my time! I have a feeling vast amounts of hours were being sucked up by social media and articles on how to be productive and opening my fridge 37 times to see if anyone had put anything new in there in the last 15 minutes.

Finally, when I realized that having the time didn’t mean I would use it effectively, I had to get tough with myself like a parent of a teenager with self-destructive tendencies (aren’t they all self-destructive?).

My perfect day now looks something like this.

9 a.m. Get ass out of bed.

9:10 a.m. Cheerfully scamper down to the home gym and workout for 45-mins to an hour. Feel human.

10 a.m. Enjoy a protein shake full of delicious fruits and veggies would be ingested as well as 10 to 15 minutes of meditation practiced

11 a.m. Answer emails, hang out with the readers on social media, catch up on whatever non-writing stuff needs addressed.

Noon. EAT! Best part of the day. Also, remember to take my a.m. vitamins.

12:30 Start writing in one-hour increments and hit 1,000 words an hour. My word count goal is 3,000 every day so on my PERFECT days I can be done in three hours of writing.

Afternoon between hour-long sprints. Prep dinner, throw in a load of laundry, respond to texts, put away clothes, yell at the cat, go outside and smell flowers.

5 p.m. Triumphantly save my work in progress in three places, slam down the lid of my laptop, and cockily announce to Mr. Lucy that I’m done for the day.

5:05 p.m. Walk back in my office, open the laptop and tackle anything that came up since my morning perusal of the world. Return phone calls. Drink a martini. Shop online for things I’d resent if I had to leave the house for. Hone my craft by reading blogs and books and articles. Take care of normal human being things like yelling at my insurance company, calling my parents, activating credit cards. Really at this point in my perfect day, the world is my oyster.

7:00 p.m. Either make dinner or go out to dinner. Remember to take the rest of those vitamins that give me nice fingernails and regular heart beats.

9 p.m. Hit the couch (or bed) with a book and Mr. Lucy (just Mr. Lucy) and entertain ourselves (do “research”).

Midnight: Wind down before official bedtime. More meditation and the satisfaction of a day not wasted.

Perfect day, right? OK, so here’s how my day actually goes (which should be noted is a VAST improvement over 2016). What can I say? I’m a work in progress.

9 a.m. Ignore alarm.

9:30 a.m. Check texts, email, and social media through the one eye that deigns to open in the morning.

10 a.m. Drag ass out of bed. Trip over cat on the way to the bathroom. Then make the fatal mistake of sitting down at my computer before working out. Get distracted.

11 a.m. Drag ass downstairs to work out.

Noon Feel marginally better. At least I accomplished something. Even if I did have to skip meditation. Maybe I should give it five minutes… Nope! Now I’m starving. Stuff face or say “Yes, please” when Mr. Lucy suggests going out to lunch. (That’s also a fatal mistake because we tend to procrastinate really well together so a lunch out can last up to four hours depending on how many tasks and errands we can come up with to keep us from our actual work.

2 p.m. Start writing. Battle for the first hour. Feel dejected. Wonder why I don’t know what I’m doing yet. Whine to Mr. Lucy about everything. Then remember that I left load of laundry in the washer three days ago.

3 p.m. The washer is running again. And it’s time to write. It goes much better because my self-loathing tells me I can’t possibly be a writer with the way I use my time. “Oh, yeah?” says my rebellious streak (the only thing stronger than that obnoxious self-loathing). “Watch this!” I write like it’s a job that I’m really good at. Take a few breaks to wink suggestively at Mr. Lucy.

7 p.m. Wrap it up. Immediately wonder if I wrote anything decent or if it’s all a steaming pile of crap. Who cares? That’s what the second draft is for! Celebration ends when I realize I forgot to schedule my oil change, put the clothes in the dryer, figure out why I can’t log into my credit card, and water the plants AGAIN. OMG, dinner.

9 p.m. Pretend I’m super cool and urbane for eating so late. Hope I don’t get heart burn when I go to bed.

10 p.m. Collapse on couch. Remember that I forgot all my vitamins. Eat a frozen Snickers and take half of the vitamins. Plan to do better tomorrow.

To the mamas, the mothers, the moms, and mommies,

To the moms who have experienced heart-breaking loss and still get out of bed in the morning.

To the moms who wanted to but couldn’t.

To the moms who just need one good night’s sleep or a week… or a month…

To the moms who birthed or adopted or aunted or mentored.

To the moms who just can’t get it together.

To the moms who are breaking on the inside.

To the moms who go it alone or have help.

To the moms who make mistakes.

To the moms who are too scared to let go.

To the moms who love and give until it hurts.

To the moms of cats and dogs and goats and fish and every other kind of non-human kid.

To the moms who spend six months planning the perfect birthday party.

To the moms who Google math homework and prom hairstyles.

To the moms who teach hard lessons.

To the moms who work in or out of the home.

To the moms who need a damn break.

To the moms who don’t think they’ll survive the terrible 2s, the threenagers, or the teenage years.

To the moms who think they’re doing it wrong.

To the moms who let their kids make mistakes.

To the moms just barely getting by.

To the moms who just can’t any more.

To the moms who slaved for hours on the perfect meal… that your kids refused to eat.

To the moms who went through the drive-thru or reheated dinosaur chicken nuggets.

To the moms who drove to Target just so they could sit and read in the quiet.

To the moms who trust their kids.

To the moms who can’t trust their kids.

To the moms who carve out a sliver of time to give themselves what they need.

To the moms who just don’t get their kids.

To the moms who still make time to text a friend.

To the moms who can’t remember the last time they saw their friends.

To the moms who just need a “thank you.”

To the moms who are amazed at the people their children are turning out to be.

To the moms who haven’t showered in four days.

To the moms running businesses and committees and fundraisers.

To the moms who don’t remember what it’s like to pee alone.

To the moms who try so damn hard every damn day.

To the moms who were terrified their teenage daughter would never really get it.

To the moms whose only escape is a good book.

To the moms who are scared what the future holds for your kids.

To the moms who count down to college.

To the moms who don’t want their baby to grow up.

To my mom and my grandmothers, aunts, cousins, sisters, and friends.

To the beautiful, smart, skilled, interesting, amazing women who run this world…

I see you. You’re doing a great job. You’re beautiful. You’re fucking incredible. I think you’re amazing. Happy Mother’s Day to all of you out there.




Every once in a while in this writer’s life, there comes a day like today where something (usually technology) pushes me too far over the edge for me to trust myself to write at home. Because, left to my own devices (ha), I will probably throw something important and expensive through a window and eventually end up regretting the mangled laptop and shattered glass all over my office.

So today I made the trek out of the house (had to put on real pants whomp whomp) to write at a cafe. I have a local cafe that I usually enjoy, but for writing purposes, it’s a poor choice. It’s one of those places where the same dozen regulars gather every day and then try to turn all of the strangers into regulars too. So you’re sitting there with your headphones on, but not playing any music because you’re too paranoid to listen to tunes in public and miss out on some yelling fire, and one of these charmingly disheveled, retired regulars will politely ask if they can take the other empty chair at your two-top table.

You, being a generally pleasant human being, give a polite nod and possibly a brief smile and a “sure” before getting back to the incredibly inappropriate sex scene you’re writing. But this regular doesn’t want to take your extra chair, he wants to sit at the table with you and talk politics and weather and today’s sock fashions. And if it’s not a regular distracting you, it’s the kids that come into the cafe to eat their lunches because apparently this school district allows students to leave school property during lunch hours so they come in and eat out of cute little lunch boxes and yell at each other and generally destroy the peace and quiet with their charming kidness.

Anyway, so I decided that today I’d drag my ass to a Starbucks because Starbucks customers know how to respect the anonymity and personal space of fellow customers. Plus, I really wanted a vanilla sweet cream cold brew. Anyway, I walk in the door and I’m already regretting it. There’s ONE table left with ONE chair and it’s located uncomfortably close to two guys having some sort of business meeting. That’s okay, that’s fine. I’m less likely to throw my freaking laptop through the storefront window with so many witnesses.

I get my drink, I take the table, and I put on my headphones. Unfortunately the business guys are pretty loud so I have to actually listen to music which is a whole other issue since I’m an oblivious headphone wearer, singing along out loud to music that no one else can hear and table bopping to the beat. So I’m sitting there, pouring my guts out into a really emotional scene and trying not to clap along with Fitz and the Tantrums, when a little redhead who couldn’t have been more than four years old skips up to my table and puts a gigantic iced tea on it. She grins at me and in those adorable little kid eyes, I saw the universe saying “Neener neener!”

The little iced tea thief skipped off after I laughed and her mother demanded she stop giving away her iced tea. And then I was like “Holy. Shit. I just met Aurora.” (Note to New Readers: Aurora is an adorable child from the Blue Moon series. You should totally read it!) I started looking around after that and I realized EVERYONE IN THIS PLACE COULD BE A CHARACTER! There were the two business guys who busted out a secret buddy-guy handshake, the cashier who was yelling jolly, friendly things at every customer because I think he was hard of hearing, and the retired couple who got coffees and she read a paperback (not one of mine) while her husband snuck a picture of my shoes.

Then there was the coolest lady I’ve ever seen and I want to be just like her when/if I grow up. She was teensy with excellent posture, and dressed in really sexy looking workout leggings and a long-sleeve tunic tee. She had on these super trendy plastic frame glasses and was also wearing the smuffiest moccasins I’ve ever seen. She had her hair (gray with lavender highlights) pulled up in a fun topknot. When I do a topknot and wear leggings out of the house I look potentially homeless. She looked like she had just ambled out of some fancy art studio where she spends her afternoons creating masterpieces and was on her way to the grocery store to pick out a few items for tonight’s chef-inspired feast she would prepare for a dozen of her closest friends who are all almost as cool as she is.

Can you see why it’s dangerous to let me out of the house? My mind is on constant character alert. I actually exhaust myself sometimes. Fortunately, I nailed my word count goal before my bladder exploded (close call) and I was able to return home, calmer, less likely to destroy my laptop, and excited about either turning into my new life and style icon or at least writing her into one of my books.

In book news, Not Part of the Plan, the fourth title in the Blue Moon series is ALMOST finished!!!



Happy day after Valentine’s Day, everyone! I hope you had a beautiful day!

Mr. Lucy made me look like a jerk and got me presents (Victoria’s Secret, the sexy AND the comfy kind) even though we said no presents and all I got him was a card. I made up for it by taking him out to a really romantic lunch… at a Chinese buffet.

We romance novelists know how it’s done!

That’s total crap. Out of the two of us, Mr. Lucy is the romantic one. Guys, he gets me a mid-month present every month. FOR NO REASON! They range from computer equipment to books to the perfect hoodie to olive brine for my dirty martinis. Each one is thoughtful, sweet, and has me waking up on the 15th like it’s Christmas morning.

You may be wondering what I give him. That’s a fair question. Beyond tension headaches and too much work, I have devised the ultimate gift that keeps on giving. Every time he leaves the house, I go to the window and flash him.

Keepin’ that romance alive all year-round!




I had an inkling that today would be a rough Monday for many of us so I went to great lengths to bombard people with hilarious memes on FB.

And together, through laughter, snarkiness, and some alcohol, we got through the day! Nice job, everyone!

In writing news, I’ve officially started writing Blue Moon #4 (working title, unless I literally can’t come up with anything decent). So I’m getting to know Nikolai and Emma as they get to know each other, if you know what I mean… WINK. I’m really excited to be working on a Blue Moon book again. It feels a little bit like coming home… if home were a hippie commune in upstate New York.

In other non-news, we’ve got a Sinner & Saint: Crossing the Line GIVEAWAY going on on Amazon! So if you have any friends who haven’t read it yet, tell them to visit the contest and enter for a chance to win a free ebook.

Okay, I’ve got to take a shower before Mr. Lucy starts sniffing the air when he walks in the room.



Mondays for nearly everyone suck. It really doesn’t matter if you work in the house or outside the house. Mondays are rough. So let’s talk good stuff to get the week kicked off right…

My top three Positively Monday Things:

  1. Not only did Mr. Lucy take me to Taco Bell for lunch, he also gifted me with a sexy bottle of olive brine for my dirty martinis. Not only does the man know me well, he also gives me a mid-month present EVERY MONTH. This one just happened to come a little early. #LuckiestWomanAlive
  2. Writing awesomeness: I finished my basic outline of Blue Moon #4 this weekend and I’m so in love with these two characters already. Word of Caution: totally teared up on the plotting of a continuation of Jax and Joey. Oh, speaking of tears, Heart of Hope comes out this week (1/12). And while it’s a novella, I packed the hell out of the feels into 50k words. #ReadWithKleenex
  3. It may be cold outside, but I’m lucky enough to have a warm home, fleece-lined slippers, and a feta-spinach turkey burger from the farmer’s market to make for lunch today.

It’s going to be a good day. Go out there (or stay in) and be awesome! What are your happies? #PositivelyMonday