Cornelia and I met via my ARC team when she introduced herself to Mr. Lucy. Mr. Lucy immediately forwarded her email to me with something like “This woman is awesome.” Conny lives in Germany. She speaks and reads German but, disappointed with the limited availability of German language translations for romance novels, SHE TAUGHT HERSELF TO READ IN ENGLISH! I think that’s one of the coolest things I’ve heard.

I enjoy chatting with Conny whenever I get the chance. She works as a dog groomer, which is quite different from a dog groomer in the U.S. (Lucy note: She’s practically a therapist to dog parents who grace her shop and confess all their secrets to her! Believe me she has some hilarious stories to tell!)

Conny’s Life in a Nutshell

Cornelia is 62 years old has 5 children, 1 grandson, and is divorced. Her beloved Dachshund, Bente, is four years old.

Her hobbies include: reading(!!!!), sauna, gymstudio, cinema with her girlfriends, and beach holidays.

She’s a dog groomer and Tellington TTouch Practitioner I for dogs and companion animals. And in her spare time, she’s studying English at a German Evening University (“Thats what reading English romance books will do to a German grandma! Starting studying again.” )

Most of her books are stored on her Kindle, but she does keep some on a lovely shelf (pictured below). Her much larger bookcases managed to disappear in the divorce , but as Conny likes to say “Shit happens!”

When did you first fall in love with reading?

“I was nine years old. I read during the day in my preferred hiding place and at night under the sheets with a flashlight — until my father caught me!”

How do you choose your next book?

“It’ll choose me. It’ll be the next Titan book from Cristin Harber and then there are waiting a lot of books in my Kindle, including Morgana Best, JoAnn Bassett, Susan Kiernan-Lewis, CK Dawn, H.Y. Hanna, Paula Hawkins, Katie Cross, C.E. Thornton, Jean Lowe Carlson, Liliana Hart etc.”

What’s one thing that you think you should do but don’t/aren’t/never will?

“Have a complete plan for my day and follow it till the evening.” (One of Cornelia’s daughters is a doctor and impressively disciplined.)

What do you do to cure a book hangover?

“I like thinking about the characters and about possibilities how the storyline could continue if it would continue. Or I take Bente for a long walk in the forest.”

What’s the biggest adrenaline rush you’ve ever had?

“My first ride on a motorbike.”

If you weren’t a dog groomer and Tellington TTouch Trainer, what else could you see yourself doing?

“A herb woman. It’s such a great way of living.”

What quality do you admire most in other people?

“The determination of my son Henning. He’s setting a goal, starting, continuing and reaching it always to the target time.”

Favorite trope in a romance novel?

“I love reading military/law enforcement and enemies to lovers!”

What drives you insane and/or murders your soul?

“Lying. When I find that a person is lying to me, I get really pissed and try to avoid this person. Also, eating noisily and slurping during meal.” (Lucy note: This is so me, too! I can’t stand sitting near loud eaters!)

The idea started last year when a handful of readers came to me and where like “Yo, Lucy! We want to read John and Phoebe Pierce’s story.” I, of course, was like “Uh, y’all know that John dies, right? And Phoebe gets remarried and lives HEA. How am I supposed to write John??” They were like, “You’ll figure it out. Do it!”

And damn if they weren’t right.

I decided to write the book as an experiment to see if a) it could be written and b) if it should be written. And as soon as I started it, I realized this was the perfect story and the perfect time for it. There were so many overlaps to the rest of the Blue Moon series, so many connections between John and his sons, and Blue Moon circa 1985 to present day.

I got to really dig in to why this community is so much more than just a collection of neighbors. And I’m so happy and grateful and blown away that you guys asked for this book… and that I delivered. *patting self on back*

Anyway, if you haven’t read it yet, here’s what I want you to know:

  1. You’ll probably cry. I did. A lot. But I think there’s enough funny and enough happy and enough hope in there to still feel really good when you close the book.
  2. You get to meet all your Blue Moon favorites as much younger characters. I.E. The barf fest on Pierce Acres and that time John had to have THE TALK with his boys.
  3. If you like the show This is Us, you’ll probably like this book. 
  4. This is the prequel to the Blue Moon series. I strongly suggest that you read at least the first 3 Blue Moon Books before this!!

Here’s What Readers Are Saying:

It is 2:20 AM and I just finished Where It All Began… Tears trickling down my face. THANK YOU Lucy for something that is truly a very special, emotional story…a once in a lifetime book for me as a reader. — Caroline

Holy cannoli what an amazing blue moon book. Got up super early so that I could let the tears flow without my family staring at me like I’m a nutcase. I love this series to the core. Thank you for taking us back to where it all began. —Robin

Damn you Lucy Score!! You made my heart full today and of course you made me laugh and cry too! — Clair

So here it is and don’t say I didn’t warn you!!!


People I didn’t pay called me brilliant and then I choked on my own spit. Just a typical launch day for Lucy Score and That’s What She Said Publishing.

Yesterday was the release of Not Part of the Plan, the fourth installment in my small town romance Blue Moon series!

It was a day of good cheer all around, especially the part where I choked on my own spit during a Facebook Live video. See my face below. ????

The feedback on Not Part of the Plan has been freakin’ awesome with some of my favorites being…

“Lucy Score is brilliant, and Blue Moon is spectacular!” — AndiQ

“I put this book down for two days near the end because I couldn’t bear for it to be over, I loved it so much.” — Joyce Hiebert

“I LOVE BLUE MOON!!! I want to live there!” — LeeLee83

“I absolutely love Lucy Score and her amazing storytelling…” — Nicole S.

Believe it or not, none of these were my mother! These were all real quotes from real people not related to me and therefore obligated to lie to me :) Social proof, yo!

If you haven’t picked up the Blue Moon series yet, let me tell you why I love it so much. Right now every time I get on Facebook or Twitter or turn on the TV it stresses me out. It’s like badness overload. And Blue Moon is one of those places I can escape where all the people are kind and hilarious and ridiculous and true love always wins… at the hands of the Beautification Committee. It’s small town romance at it’s best with quirky characters, really freaking funny situations, and the kind of love we all want to find in our lifetimes. Plus, there’s a goat that eats pants.

Check them out when you get the chance. All four of the Blue Moon books are on sale for 99¢ each right now (U.S. and U.K. only) for the next few days! Get ’em while they’re cheap!

No More Secrets

Fall Into Temptation

The Last Second Chance

Not Part of the Plan

When Mr. Lucy and I decided to turn Pretend You’re Mine into an audiobook, we had a very strict list of must-haves:

  • The narrator needed to make Luke and Harper so real, you’d forget you were listening to an audiobook.
  • She needed to deliver the story with energy.
  • She had to be the perfect Mrs. Moretta.

We found all that and more with voice talent Melissa Moran. Melissa was kind enough to chat with me about her experiences in the world of audiobooks in general and what it was like recording Pretend You’re Mine.

Me: How did you get involved with narrating audiobooks? 

MM: A colleague of mine had just started doing audiobooks on the side and suggested I give it a shot. He knew that I had a love of acting and had access to the equipment and technical know how to produce an audiobook through the radio station I work at. I thought, “What the heck!” and gave it a shot. Over 70 books later and I now have a home studio and another career path! Thanks, Dave :)

Me: Do you do other voice work/acting/etc.?

MM: For my day job, I’m a morning radio personality for a country station, so my obnoxious voice is all over Central Florida! I’ve also done some voice work for CNN, Six Flags, and businesses on the local TV news outlet. As far as acting goes, you’ll spot me every now and then on Home Shopping Network. Want some fancy towels? Rice cooker? Decorative fragrance products for your home? I’ve sold them all! I’m also a huge fan of improv comedy and was in an Atlanta troupe for a while. SO much fun.

Me: You did a great job differentiating between the characters in Pretend You’re Mine. How do you choose who gets what voice?

MM: I usually let the text guide me on that. As a narrator, it’s so important to pick up on the words used to describe the character and allow the personality to form the voice. I have some ‘go-to’ voices for non-specific characters, but I can usually start hearing their voices come through in my imagination as I read. Oh- and you HAVE TO read the whole book before you start actually narrating it. For example, I’ve heard of some horror stories where it’ll say on page 297 of a 300 page book, “she whispered in her thick Scottish accent”…and the narrator was American the whole way through! Ouch. Tough lesson to learn.

Me: Are you a reader when you’re not working? Have any favorite books?

MM: I’m always working, BUT I make sure to only sign on to projects that I’ll truly enjoy and I really did love ‘Pretend You’re Mine’. I’ll listen to audiobooks while driving and I tend to go for stuff that makes me laugh. So, some of my recent purchases have included Martin Short, Jessie Klein, Jenny Lawson, David Spade, and Kathy Griffin. One of my favorites, though, is ‘The Fault in Our Stars’ by John Green and narrated by Kate Rudd. I was crying like a freaking baby!

Me: Did you have a favorite character to voice in Pretend You’re Mine?

MM: Of course I love Luke and Harper, but I really liked the scenes with Aldo! He’s funny, sexy, strong, and inspiring- plus I had a lot of fun with him and Mrs. Moretta!

Me: Were there any scenes in Pretend You’re Mine that were particularly challenging or entertaining to voice?

MM: This is an easy one. The show at Remo’s toward the end had me laughing and crying at the same time. There was so much love in that scene. And when Luke stepped out? Oh. My. Word. It was like I was there…and it was epic. As classic as the famous “Time of my Life” scene in Dirty Dancing. Seriously.

Me: What’s the best part of your job?

MM: Getting paid to read amazing stories! Is there anything better than that?!

Rapid Fire Round

Favorite food:

Anything Mexican

Binge-worthy TV show:

I have a 4-year-old. The only thing I binge on are cookies while hiding in a closet.

Dogs or cats:


Staying in or going out:

I would love to go out more, but I’m usually pretty sleepy after a long day of work and wrangling a toddler. Watching a rented movie curled up on the couch is more my jam.

Night owl or morning person:

I’m a night owl with an early morning day job. I’m a peach at 4am *eye-roll*

Best advice on achieving world peace:

Raising our children to live with love and not with fear is a good start. Talking about and celebrating the differences of each culture. Education is the best weapon against ignorance and intolerance.

What’s the key to success:

Never stop learning! Even professionals at the top of their game take workshops, hire private coaches, and attend seminars. I make it a point to save a percentage of my pay to go toward education in my field. Keep learning = stay working! Also, LOVE what you do!

Note from Lucy: Listen to Melissa take on the voices of Benevolence in the Pretend You’re Mine audiobook, available on Amazon, Audible, and iTunes.

Happy Monday morning to you! First, a shoutout to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. on his day. It’s always a pleasure for me to mark the day that honors a man so focused on love and peace. May we all remember his Pinterest-worthy wisdom…

Speaking of love, my new release, Heart of Hope is out! This long-ass novella is set in the Kindle World of Hope Falls created by the lovely writing duo Melanie Shawn. Melanie and Shawna have been kicking butt at the romance game and I was thrilled when they invited me to write in their Hope Falls world. And not just because there was a town Bible so I didn’t have to make up any places or secondary characters myself ????

However, you know me. I can’t tell a short story. So I ended up with a 50k-word novel following Bristol Quinn as she and her family grieve the loss of her younger sister, Hope, in a tragic accident. Writing the prologue involved a lot of tissues for me. Bristol is a single mother of an eight-year-old daughter and runs her own business. She doesn’t have the time or the energy for love, but as her older sister’s Christmas wedding approaches, she decides to reach out to Hope’s heart recipient to invite him or her to the wedding.

When Bristol doesn’t get a response to her letter, she throws herself into coaching her daughter’s peewee hockey team…badly. But sexy stranger Beau arrives in town and scrapes her off the ice, offering to teach her how to skate and coach. He says he’s in town for a yoga retreat, but he’s definitely hiding something.

Bristol discovers that something when he disappears after a magical night together only to reappear at her sister’s Christmas wedding with a very special gift for her family.

This book seriously murdered my feelings over and over again as I was writing.

And the idea for it came to me from this story that went viral this summer. I remember watching the video of the bride putting her hand over her father’s heart that now beats in someone else’s chest and needing to take a five minute break to stop hyperventilating and sobbing.

You know I love viral videos that turn me into a mushy mess. The idea for Pretend You’re Mine came from all the military homecoming videos I was binge-watching at the time. And thankfully, according to my ARC team and early reviews, I wasn’t the only one who got a tad bit teary over Heart of Hope. I hope you pick up the story, cry your face off, and tell all your friends.

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breaking_the_rules_600x900Oh, happy day! Thanks to Mr. Lucy’s tireless work, you can get your hot little hands on the conclusion to the Sinner & Saint duet five days early! Breaking the Rules is available on Amazon now. Consider it my Christmas gift to you!

Breaking the Rules

Lucy’s Tags: steamy and suspenseful and hot as hell

He killed for her.

And then he walked out on her.

Xavier Saint has spent the last five years growing his private security firm and trying to forget Waverly Sinner and everything she meant to him. But you can’t forget a love like that, an all-consuming need like that. She’s in his blood and when it looks like Hollywood’s princess is in trouble again he knows he can’t stay away any longer.

Waverly doesn’t want to be rescued and certainly not from the man who abandoned her. She’s not making room for Xavier in her new life. Waverly calls the shots now and not just in the home she’s made or her thriving movie career. Her acting talents have opened up a whole new world of adrenaline-spiking opportunities.

But when her side job takes a life-threatening twist, Waverly is forced to turn to the one man she swore she’d never trust again. Now, with a bullet hole in her side and Xavier demanding a second chance, the clock is ticking for her to find her partner and clear her name before she ends up on trial… or worse.

Xavier is willing to do whatever it takes to keep Waverly safe and win her back, even if it means finding her missing boyfriend and delivering him to her. But the secrets she’s keeping could get them killed.

Last-Minute Christmas Gifts

Did I mention Crossing the Line and Breaking the Rules would make amazing Christmas presents for your friends and family? :)

A Few More Reasons to Get Excited

  1. The Pretend You’re Mine audiobook is done and freaking amazing and will go up for sale as soon as it clears the production process. So all you audiobook fans, get ready!
  2. My NEXT book, Heart of Hope, is a short novel in the Hope Falls Kindle World of fabulous writing duo Melanie Shawn launches on January 12! There’s a Facebook launch party for all the new books and I hope to see you there in my time slot of 10-10:15 p.m. EST. Stay tuned for more info on the audiobook and Heart of Hope!


ctlHave you ever been so focused on a project that when you emerge from it you kind of forget how to be a normal human being again? That’s me right now. Back in July when I started writing Sinner & Saint, I was super pumped. I’d been thinking about the characters and the story for quite a while and the writing was going well. Too well.

Before I knew it, I was staring down the barrel of 100k words. And I was only halfway through the story. So one book became two. Now, if you’re anything like me, you hate cliffhangers and unfinished stories (and then as soon as you’ve finished a story, you wish you were still reading it). Well, I can’t do anything about the second thing, but I can help with the first!

I didn’t want you to have to wait an eternity between Sinner & Saint books so I wrote and wrote and wrote until I had told Waverly Sinner and Xavier Saint’s story in two full novels.


  • Sinner & Saint: Crossing the Line will be available for purchase on November 28.
  • Sinner & Saint: Breaking the Rules will be available for PREORDER with Crossing the Line’s launch and will be released on December 28. 

I wrapped up Breaking the Rules on vacation in Barbados and it was an amazing feeling to finish the story I’d been thinking about for almost a year. And let me tell you, celebrating in Barbados was pretty freaking cool! But that’s not important. Let’s talk about what you need to know about Sinner & Saint! Check out the synopsis to Crossing the Line here.

In a Nutshell

Waverly Sinner is a 20-year-old actress trapped by fame—and her manipulative parents. Xavier Saint owns the country’s most prominent private security firm and he’s tired of babysitting entitled celebrities. Waverly is sick of allowing everyone else to make decisions for her. She’s determined to shake him loose. He’s determined to stick. Things get very sparky, very fast, and as they get to know each other, the line between personal and professional gets blurry.

When a stalker gets too close, Xavier needs to stay one step ahead of him to keep Waverly safe. He vows that no one is going to get through him to get to her. But will his personal feelings end up endangering her instead?

Random Fast Facts About Sinner & Saint

  1. Five Years: The books take place five years apart, so that’s a pretty big hint on how the first book ends.
  2. What I Love About Waverly: When we meet her, we find a resilient girl who’s hanging on by a thread. Her life is a wreck, but she’s not giving up until she gets to start calling the shots. She’s damaged and a little desperate for change. Catching up with her five years later, she’s a bad-ass woman with a kick-ass life. And she’s not big on second chances.
  3. What I Love About Xavier: EVERYTHING. The man is a Boy Scout. I know bad boys are hot, but man, I love writing a good guy. He’s protective, possessive, and has hero written all over him. He will do anything to protect Waverly and, in the second book, anything to get her to forgive him.
  4. Secrets, Trust Issues, and Really Messy Relationships: I was in reader/writer heaven.
  5. The Middle: Don’t be discouraged by how the first book ends. I’m Lucy Freaking Score, I don’t believe in unhappily ever after. This is just the halfway point of their story. I make up for it in the second book!

Bottom Line

These two novels are hot and angsty and suspenseful. If you liked Pretend You’re Mine, I think you’re really going to enjoy the Sinner & Saint books. I’m really excited for you to fall in love with Xavier and Waverly! See you on the 28th!



This weekend marked a huge milestone of sorts for me. On October 22, 2015, Pretend You’re Mine was published on Amazon. The timing was incredibly fortuitous as I had just gotten canned from my job the day before.

Let me back up a bit, I worked for a conservative accounting firm. And, guessing that the news wouldn’t be well-received, I kept my hobby of romance writing TOP SECRET. During my annual review when one of the bosses showed concern that I didn’t share any personal goals with them, I kept my mouth shut and didn’t say, “My goal is to write bestselling romance novels so I can quit this job.”

I wrote and released Undercover Love earlier that year and, while secretly thrilled by its modest success, I didn’t tell a soul at work that my dreams of being a published author came true. But I was so proud of the work I’d done with Pretend You’re Mine that when the book was getting formatted for its debut on Amazon, I finally confessed to some of my co-workers.

It felt sooooo good to tell them!

As the launch day neared, I got nervous and felt like it was something I should share with the bosses. I didn’t want them to find out from someone else and feel like I had betrayed them or disappointed them by keeping it a secret.

So the Monday before Pretend You’re Mine came out, I nervously hovered in the doorway of one of the bosses (I had several). I made my confession and considered it a success when she didn’t seem upset.

On Wednesday I was called into the conference room and told that my services at the company would no longer be needed and that I could have until the end of the year to find a new job.

I was devastated.

I’d struggled with the job from the beginning, but felt so invested in the people and my efforts. I felt like I was a failure, as if there was something wrong with me that I just couldn’t fit into the professional world. I’d been laid off three years prior from what I thought was my dream job at a newspaper that canned seventy people in one day the same year they won the Pulitzer. I’d also spent years working for a university’s alumni magazine in a sweet work from home deal that ended abruptly when my supervisor needed to shore up the department’s budget.

I took all of these “departures” personally, spending half the time feeling like a big, fat failure and the other half of the time indignant that no one recognized my value to their organization. (OK, it was probably more like 20/80.)

So I went home, freshly fired, and the next morning Pretend You’re Mine went live on Amazon.

I can’t even tell you how proud I am of that book and all of the amazing accolades it earned. It changed my life and gave me a new start as the author I always dreamed I would be. Thanks to book sales, I was able to quit before the end of the year. Which, I’ll admit, felt so damn good.

It’s been a year since then. And I never could have imagined where this year would take me. I’ve been writing full time and, by the end of December, I’ll have six published books to my name. I’ve slept late, taken vacations, learned to sail, and written almost every single day. I make my own schedule and worship the flexibility that I now have.

Of course, it hasn’t been all Champagne and sandy beaches. This is the hardest freaking job I’ve ever had in my life. Sometimes I sit at my computer for twelve hours a day trying to make the story perfect for you (and for me). Sometimes I hit a wall, a thirty-story brick wall that seems insurmountable. I don’t have stubborn or short-sighted or “this is the way we’ve always done it” bosses to blame mistakes on. I worry about running out of ideas. I worry about having too many ideas. I worry about disappointing readers. I worry about embarrassing family members when they read the sexy parts. I worry that the next book won’t sell. I worry about dumping all of the household stuff on Mr. Lucy because I’m glued to my keyboard. I worry about not being there for friends and family when a deadline looms. I worry about suddenly sucking at writing.

But I keep doing it. Because I love it. Because this is what I’m supposed to do.

So thank you to Mr. Lucy for supporting my dreams and telling me that the best thing that could happen to me would be to get fired, to my family who isn’t remotely surprised that this is where I am today,to the indie publisher who took a chance on me, to the people who believed in me, and even the people who didn’t believe in me. Because of all of you, I pushed hard to make this happen and I’m so proud to be here today!