A: It was rather late in life. In the second grade the teacher liked my fictional paragraph about being on the Mayflower so much that she had me stand up and read it in front of the class. It was there that I developed my desire to be a writer … and my fear of public speaking.

A: In no particular order, Taco Bell, sushi, mashed potatoes, and avocado.

A: Mr. Lucy and I do a lot of research together. He’s a very good sport about it.

A: I’m a finely tuned writing machine. Wake up. Check email and Facebook 57 times. Eat breakfast. Open latest smut document. Check Facebook again. Write for 10 minutes. Get stuck. Make lunch. Check email and wonder why no one is emailing me. Check Facebook and realize I checked it 5 minutes ago. Do some laundry/grocery shopping/fantasizing about sauerkraut or something equally unrelated to writing. Work out. Make dinner, or convince boyfriend that we need sushi for dinner. Return to book. Write until midnight. I spend a lot of time trying to remember if my main characters still have their pants on or if they were already torn off.

A: I’ve always been a writer interspersed with stabs at being a retail pretzel sales associate, daycare provider at a gym (probably the main reason why I do not have children of my own), newspaper staffer, freelance writer, bartender, and assistant restaurant manager.

A: Polo. Seriously.

A: I’m really bad at high-fives. I’ve hit myself in the face trying to high-five someone else. One of my goals in life is to master the no-look high-five. Or even just a regular one.

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