Welcome to Fake Professor Lucy’s Life Hacks for Hermitting Amidst Chaos 101. (That title probably needs work) In my five years as a full-time author, I have achieved expert-level status in staying at home AND dealing with things that are terrible (though usually on a much smaller scale than what we’re currently dealing with. For instance, 1-star reviews and cat butts.

Please allow me to offer you my most helpful tips (that I only sometimes adhere to myself).

1. Build a structure. Not that chicken roost you’ve been meaning to put up in the backyard. I mean a loose schedule or a REALISTIC to do list of items for your day. This is the ONLY way I get crap done. I break my lists into Work, Home, and Personal. I try to make these lists the night before so I wake up with a plan already in place. (Helpful Hint: Don’t do what I do and decide you’re suddenly going to get up an hour early, write 8,000 words before noon, rearrange the laundry room, learn 100 signs in sign language, and teach Cleo to clean her own litter box in one day.)

2. Get some quality time. If you’re anything like me, this situation is aggressively stripping away all the things we thought were essential. If you’re hunkered down with your family, use this as an opportunity to have real conversations, to goof off together, to remind yourself of how lucky you are to have each other. (Helpful Hint: It doesn’t have to be eight hours of quality time. That would actually be quantity time, which is more annoying.)

3. Pencil in privacy. For those of you who suddenly find yourself surrounded by people in your own home, it’s also important to prioritize “me time” for each family member who needs it. You can attempt this in a couple of different ways. Have a “sanctuary” room that each person gets sole access to once a day. Or, like my brother and sister-in-law do, send the kids to their bedrooms for Quiet Hour, during which they aren’t allowed to ask for snacks.

4. Stay connected. Reach out when you feel like it. Video chat with family and friends. Give Zoom Happy Hours or Netflix Viewing Parties a try. Or check in with someone who lives alone. A neighbor. A relative. A stranger on Facebook (non-creepily, of course).

5. Don’t wear jeans. This tip is self-explanatory.

6. Give yourself permission to do nothing. This is a traumatic time on so many different levels. Don’t feel that you HAVE to get all of your house projects done or edit your inbox down to 0 or suddenly master 8th grade math. One of the most important things you can give yourself (and your family) is rest. It’s okay to sleep in. It’s okay to spend the day/weekend binging Parks & Rec episodes. It’s okay to take some down time after YEARS of being over-scheduled and under-rested. Rest is good for the soul and the immune system. Take the nap. Snooze the alarm. Burrito yourself in the blanket.

7. Ingest the happy. Okay. I’m definitely not saying begin binge drinking. And I’m not saying eat only deep-fried Twinkies. I’m also not not saying don’t drink or eat Twinkies (or maybe I am. I got confused by the double negative). What I AM saying is we are fueled by what we consume. This also applies to what we watch, listen to, and read. If you are following the news right now or drowning in negativity and just plain dumbness on social media, I highly encourage you to ALSO make sure you’re consuming beautiful, positive, happy things. Because as tough as this situation is, it has not erased baby giggles, sunrises, and fat puppies biting their own tails from this world. It is absolutely imperative that you give yourself the chance to be immersed in beautiful, happy things every single day. In fact, the worse your day is, the more important Tip # 7 is. So, cue up those sitcom re-runs. Make fart noises with your children. Curl up with your favorite happily ever after. Seek out the light, the happy, the funny. Because that is what fuels your spirit. That and alcohol and deep-fried Twinkies.

As our lives shift significantly the past few days, we want to remind you, as Lucy mentioned in her newsletter,

We’re in this together. And together, we can and will save the world.
When this is behind us, I have a feeling we’re all going to emerge with a greater sense of gratitude for things like hugs, teachers, going to the movies, sitting down in our favorite restaurants, happy hours, daycare, toilet paper, extended family dinners, full stocked grocery stores, libraries, cashiers, shelf-stockers, garbage services, health care professionals, retail workers, paychecks, insurance, shelf-stable foods, first responders, amusement parks, concerts, streaming services, and books.
We will be different. But we can be better. – Lucy

While we practice safe social distancing and look for things to do inside, Team Lucy has put the bestselling Rock Bottom Girl on sale for its one year anniversary – .99 cents US/UK with a low whispersync price and it is on Kindle Unlimited for free!


Hello!  We wanted to introduce ourselves, you will be seeing more of Joyce (Lucy’s Assistant) and I (Lucy’s Admin) on Lucy’s Blog.  We wanted to tackle the Blog to further share the fun and events!  Joyce and I have been with Team Lucy for over three years and are influencers on her other social media.  To kick off our first post, we just want to make sure you saw that Lucy recently re-released her first ever book, Undercover Love, with a new cover and 5,000 new words – it is on sale for .99 cents and is on Kindle Unlimited!   

Link to book

A few author pals and I got to talking about some of the most enjoyable books we picked up this year. And since everyone and their third-cousin is doing Best Of lists, we thought we’d put together our own list of books from authors we think our readers would love. So fire up those Kindles and get ready to start downloading some new-to-you happily ever afters!

Side Note: None of us consulted each other on our picks to keep our list fresh and organic and uh… free range… so you might see a handful of repeats in the list!

Lucy Score Recommends:

Happily Ever His by Delancey Stewart

I picked Happily Ever His up on a whim and zoomed right through it. It’s a small-town romance with a Hollywood star who’s just about given up on finding something real. Tess is as real as it gets. The “normal, average” sister to a major movie star, Tess is used to not standing out. So when she and her sister’s famous FAKE boyfriend develop a case of instalust in the midst of a scandal, I was THERE FOR IT.

Plus, there’s a 90-year-old gamer grandma and a house chicken who falls in love with a bodyguard. I mean, just do yourself a favorite and pick up this book!

Lucy Score is a Wall Street Journal and #1 Amazon bestselling author of contemporary romance. Her favorite hobbies appear to include talking about herself in the third person on her own blog. Ahhhh, that kooky Lucy!

Kait Nolan Recommends:

Hometown Troublemaker by Brighton Walsh 

I love, love LOVE this series set in small-town Mississippi. It’s hot (seriously hawt), sweet, funny, and it gets two thumbs up and a Magnolia Seal of Approval from this real Mississippi girl. Hometown Troublemaker features a divorced mom of two, who gets the delightful lesson that perfect is not all it’s cracked up to be.

The hero, Nash, runs a construction company and it’s so incredibly fantastic seeing him…well, see the real her. After a lifetime of pleasing other people instead of herself, it’s delightful getting to watch her come into her own because of his support.

He’s exactly the kind of hero I adore. Also, the abs. And the toolbelt. Rowr. It’s second in the series but can totally be read as a standalone. 

Kait Nolan is a RITA ® Award winning MS native, who swears like a sailor, calls everyone sugar, & can wield a bless your heart like a saber or a Snuggie, depending on necessity.

Marley Valentine Recommends

Impact by Haley Jenner

A perfectly matched writing duo, Haley Jenner will blow you away with their words. While their writing in every book is stellar and evocative; it’s the way they’ve brought heartache and happiness to life in Impact, that really sets them apart. For many, this book will go beyond the pages. It’s true life. It’s an experience. It’s a well deserved second chance.  

A romantic at heart, Marley Valentine‘s stories combine the sometimes ugly truths of life, with a well deserved happy ever after.  

Kacey Shea Recommends:

Waking Olivia by Elizabeth O’Roark  

Wow. You know that feeling of reading a story, so unique and well written, that you can’t put it down? That’s how I felt when I started Waking Olivia. Olivia is the headstrong, independent heroine with scars so deep you find yourself rooting for her even when she screws up. She doesn’t trust easily, but when a bond is forged between her and her coach, it blooms into so much more.

Beautifully written, this happy ever after is one this couple has to work for, but ultimately so satisfying. I can’t shut up about this book! No, really, I’ve been telling everyone to read it. I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to pick up an Elizabeth O’Roark book, but boy am I glad I did! 

Ridorkulous by Mary Frame 

Oh my goodness! This book has everything I love in a good rom com! Smart, witty dialogue, hilarious supporting characters, and laugh out loud shenanigans. Two college students, nerd girl vs. hunky athlete fight for the last available room on campus in a series of unconventional challenges, all while the slow burn romance builds between them. I could not put this book down, and as soon as I finished I binged Mary Frame’s entire backlist.  

Kacey Shea enjoys writing strong and smart heroines, heroes with hearts of gold, and stories that deliver a satisfying, well-earned happily ever after.  

Mae Wood Recommends:

Tombstones by KC Enders 

A Green Beret on leave has a holiday fling that results in a surprise pregnancy. With that one sentence, how could you not want to read this book?

This book stood out for me because there is a sweetness to our determined hero. His family didn’t want him to go to into the service. His high school girlfriend is still chasing him, but he’s intent on building a life for himself, a life that he wants, not a life that’s thrust upon him. He doesn’t want to risk anyone’s heart — especially his own — while he’s still active duty, but no one truly gets to make that decision, do they?

This the fourth book in K.C. Ender’s Beekman Hills series. Centered around an Irish pub in upstate New York, I’ve read them all. I think they are best read in order, so you can enjoy the entire universe of Beekman Hills. 

Mae Wood is a professional sassy pants and Amazon Top 100 romance novelist. 

Mia Kayla Recommends:

Game Changer by Sierra Hill

Gah! I love this author and I love this book. Looking for a single dad /nanny story that’s jam-packed with emotion? Look no further, because this is your next read.

I love the heart and strength of the hero, his love for his special needs child and the growth he makes within the book. He’s made some mistakes but to see the overall change of the hero was beautiful.

He has met his perfect match in Brooklyn, the nanny he’s hired to watch his son. This couple has off-the-charts chemistry, sparks that fly sky-high and steam so hot that you can feel it through the pages of the book. I highly recommend this book.  

Mia Kayla, writer of love, laughter, and happily ever afters.  

Jami Albright Recommends: 

Times Like These by Julia Wolf 

What a great book! Dalia and Nick’s story is stormy, super-steamy, and immensely satisfying! I loved this couple, and I also loved all the side characters. Julia Wolf not only made me fall in love with the moody lead singer of Blue is the Color, Nick Fletcher, but also with the other three members of the band. Times Like These grabbed me in the first chapter and didn’t let go until Nick and Dalia got their HEA! 

Jami Albright writes zany, sexy, pee your pants funny romcoms. If you don’t snort with laughter, then she hasn’t done her job.  

Kelsey Kingsley Recommends:

Times Like These by Julia Wolf 

It isn’t often that I find myself so completely obsessed with an author’s work that I proceed to binge the rest of their work after reading. But that’s exactly what happened here. The storyline is that addicting, the hero is that swoon-worthy, and the supporting characters are that compelling.

I am officially, 100% addicted to Julia Wolf and her Blue boys. And if you’re into compellingly hot and perfectly witty rock star romance, I bet you will be, too.  

Kelsey Kingsley is a contemporary romance author of nine books, living in New York with her family and a cat named Ethel.  

LJ Evans Recommends:

Alma Underwood is Not a Kleptomaniac by Lacey Daily

Lacey Dailey did a beautiful job with this story. It’s a gorgeous YA, coming-of-age romance with a physically disabled hero and a do-good heroine that is completely hard to resist.

It has a whole host of quirky, lovable secondary characters including some incredible LGBTQIA folks that make you laugh and want to hug them all at the same time. Lacey strives to be inclusive in her writing and ends up hitting a tone that is a mixture of Sarah Dessen, Rainbow Rowell, and John Green with a slice of humor that is extremely enticing. Can’t wait to read more of her words    

LJ Evans writes contemporary romance that should come with a WARNING label: “Do not read unless you are prepared to invest your heart and soul.”

Claire Kingsley Recommends: 

Nerdgasm by Kimberly Reese 

Nerdgasm is a light, sexy read that was a ton of fun. Super cute, nerdy hero? Yes, please! And the oranges conversation? HOLY HOTNESS. Trust me, you’ll never look at oranges the same way again. This book is a great choice when you want a fun storyline and a feel good ending.  

Claire Kingsley is an Amazon top 10 bestselling author of sexy and heartwarming contemporary romances and romantic comedies.  

Pippa Grant Recommends:

Scoring the Keeper’s Sister by Delancey Stewart

This book a) is funny, b) has a bet about cheese, c) includes a hero who’s more than he appears, and d) has all of my favorite tropes: enemies-to-lovers, athletes, and teammate’s/best friend’s little sister.

It’s like a bacon taco made by a unicorn, except it’s a romance novel, and it’s awesome, and everyone should read it yesterday. 

Pippa Grant writes romantic comedies that will make tears run down your leg.  

Jeannine Colette Recommends: 

A Scarcity of Condors by Suanne Laquer 

A Scarcity of Condors by Suanne Laquer can not simply be described as “a good read.” It’s an EXPERIENCE. With plots that intricate in design, scene rich in history and characters that move throughout the scene, Suanne has the ability to take you into a world unlike any other, and completely submerse you. A Scarcity of Condors is a M/M romance, historical suspense, an inspirational tale, and a familial love story all woven into one. It takes place over generations, and yet stays in the present. It takes you from the tortured souls to the ones finding love for the first time. Only a truly kickass author who knows the definition of humanity can achieve that.  

Not only is Suanne a superb writer, but she’s also a CHAMPION of the indie author. As an editor for brilliant minds like Emma Scott and Leylah Attar, she has helped craft some of the greatest novels of 2019. She never has a bad thing to say about another’s work, is always proud of your accomplishments, and will love you even if you differ in views politically. She is one of my favorite people in this industry, and I think she deserves ALL THE PRAISE! 

Jeannine Colette combines angst and humor in her sexy, stand-alone romance novels. Her stories feature dynamic heroines, and swoon-worthy heroes, who have to abandon their reality in order to discover themselves . . . and love along the way. 

As 2019 begins to come to a close (seriously, where did this year go? In my head it’s only March), I thought I’d post a list of my 2020 signings in case you’d like to come see my face!

Saturday, May 2: Music City with the Belles

Nashville, Tennessee

Event Page

Facebook Attendee Group

Friday and Saturday June 26 & 27: RARE Edinburgh 20

Edinburgh, Scotland

Event Page

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Saturday, November 14: Indies Invade Philly

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Tickets not on sale yet.

Facebook Attendee Group

“But, but, but the books are numbered!” — Imaginary Reader

You are correct! The hilarious and amazing Blue Moon series chock full of small-town romcom zaniness is numbered. However, there’s this sneaky little book called Where It All Began. It’s the prequel to the series and it tells the story of John and Phoebe Pierce.

If you’re new to the series that means absolutely nothing to you. But trust me. I’m protecting you here! Do NOT begin with Where It All Began. I forbid it.

You’re going to make me say it, aren’t you? Fine. In the main Blue Moon series, John Pierce, the family patriarch is… no longer alive. So you can imagine be-bopping into this romantic comedy series and trying to read Where It All Began first and then curling up on your living room floor sobbing “Why, Lucy? Why???” And then never reading any of the rest of the books.

I’m not even going to get into how I didn’t want to write the book in the first place. Yes, I am. This is how it went:

Readers: We really want John and Phoebe’s story.

Me: Ha! That’s hilarious. John is dead. I can’t write a romance novel where one of the main characters DIES.

Readers: Yes you can. Now go do it.

Me: Well, I’ll show you what a hot mess this will be. *starts writing* *instantly falls in love with John* *curses self and readers* *writes romance novel in which main character dies* *sobs uncontrollably throughout*

Look, I’m really glad I listened to you readers and wrote it anyway because I honestly think it’s one of my best books. And we get to go back to the 1980s in that hippie dippy little town. And meet tiny Carter, Beckett, and Jax! And we find out where Clementine came from! However, I do think new readers need a stern warning to NOT read the prequel first. So without further ado… (what is an ado anyway?)

The Official Lucy-Approved Reading Order of Blue Moon:

  1. No More Secrets
  2. Fall Into Temptation
  3. The Last Second Chance
  4. Not Part of the Plan
  5. Where It All Began, The Prequel
  6. Holding on to Chaos
  7. The Fine Art of Faking It

Boring Fine Print: Should you decide to buck the rules and read Where It All Began too early in the series, the author wilst showeth upeth at your house and slap your Kindle out of your hand. And then probably ask to use your restroom, depending on how far away from her you live.

Cover of Rock Bottom Girl

5. It’s a girthy standalone. That’s right. You don’t have to read 17 books before this one. There’s no commitment! It’s a once and done trip to small-town central Pennsylvania.

4. Jake and Marley are almost 40. Which means they’re good at sex and things like paying bills and navigating professional relationships. Sure, they’ve still got problems. Jake has never been in a committed relationship that lasted longer than a few orgasms. And Marley is still looking for her place in the world. But together, they make 38 look pretty damn good. Especially since they’re high school teachers and deal with teenagers all day.

3. I’m not going to call this an ugly duckling to swan story (there is an actual swan in Rock Bottom Girl), but there is a pretty great makeover. In fact, Marley’s entire character arc is an inside out makeover. And there’s a scene at Ulta that would make a great music montage.

2. It’s funny. Like really, really funny. Here are a few of my favorite snippets:

“I had rebelled and complained and limped my way through the minefields of popularity, academic achievements, and athletic accomplishment. None of those had I any actual personal experience with.”

“I couldn’t think of anything in this world that could compete with the feel of Jake’s palms on my boobs. Not a litter of golden retriever puppies. Not world peace. Not even triple chocolate fudge brownies with ice cream.”

“The Eighth Wonder of the World: Jake Weston’s Erect Penis.”

“I was buried inside Marley Cicero and trying my hardest not to explode. I thought about Homer and my grandma. Homer eating my grandma’s broccoli casserole at Thanksgiving. I thought about the gas bill I’d left laying on a flat surface somewhere in the house. Anything but the woman under me, around me. Damn it. I was thinking about her again. I could feel my pulse in the tip of my dick and knew I was one jerky thrust away from coming so hard my fillings would pop out.”

Numero Uno: This is a fake relationship that starts with a meet-puke, a girls soccer team, a rescue dog, a perfect sister, and the bad boy from high school. Oh and a high school nemesis who only got meaner with age. Did I mention the best bonus epilogue I’ve ever written? Two words: Wedding. Day.

If you’re thinking this book sounds like your cuppa tea, check it out on Amazon, my friends!

Lucy Score and Nora Roberts at Turn the Page Bookstore.
Me and Nora Roberts. Right before I hyperventilated and died.

My first book signing ever

On February 2, I attended my very first book signing. At Turn the Page Bookstore. WITH NORA ROBERTS. The following is my abbreviated (Yeah right, let’s be serious. I don’t abbreviate anything.) recollection of the happiest blur of a weekend ever.

Mr. Lucy and I arrived at our hotel Friday night. It just so happened that there were 25+ BRAs (Binge Readers Anonymous is my reader group on Facebook) also staying there. We ALL met spontaneously in the lobby in a screamy, squeally lovefest that the Hampton Inn of Hagerstown was incredibly tolerant of for several hours. Oh, and my admin and PA Joyce who was “so sad” that she “couldn’t be there” strolled through the dang front door of the hotel and surprised the everliving crap out of me! She’s a truly excellent liar. One of her many favorable qualities. There were hugs, gifts, and a lot of pictures! They presented me with a charm bracelet with charms representing EVERYTHING I’ve ever published. ????????????

It was an overwhelmingly amazing preview of the fun to come… So the morning of the signing dawned freakin’ freezing. It was 10 degrees, or scientifically known as really effing cold. Readers braved the inhuman temperatures to line up for their tickets. Meanwhile, back at the hotel I pulled out every trick in the book and every YouTube hair and makeup tutorial to look like a put-together adult human being.

On our way into Boonsboro, a reader sent up the alert that the bookstore had sold out of my books. Sold. Out. Before the signing even started. Mr. Lucy, knowing that I’m a total panic monster about going into new situations, had genius-ly suggested we drive down earlier that week to drop off the paperbacks and get the lay of the land. We took 90 paperbacks. And they were gone before the signing started. I was basically living the dream of some other super cool and famous author. (Actually, I thought maybe the bookstore had misplaced like two boxes.)

Photo Credit: Tanya Strembiski. The spot on the table where Lucy books used to be before they sold out.

But not to worry! In a fit of optimism heretofore unbeknownst to Mr. Lucy, he brought an additional 40 or 50 books back to Boonsboro “just in case.” I thought he was nuts at the time. But once again, he was just proving his handsome genius.

So, Mr. Lucy and I pulled into the parking lot behind the bookstore. I’m sitting in the passenger seat trying to psych myself up and not be all nervous bladdery when the back door of the store opens…

Out strolls Nora Freaking Roberts in a full length fur coat with the skinniest cigarette in the universe.

I opened my mouth and made a deflating balloon noise that dragged on long enough that Mr. Lucy had to physically pull me out of the car. My first words to my hero, the reason I write romance, the literary dynasty we all know and love were as follows:

Me: Hi. Where do I go in? *spoken eight octaves above my normal voice*

Nora: Are you signing today?

Me: *nods dumbly*

Nora: Then you go in this door.

Me: Thank you. *whispered breathily, nine octaves higher*

I stumbled inside the store away from the fabulousness that is Nora Roberts and walked right into the bookstore manager. Janeen is a wonderful human being. She looked at my dazed face and said, “Hi. WHERE ARE YOUR BOOKS?”

Mr. Lucy shot pistol fingers at us. “Pew pew! I’ll be right back!” (That didn’t actually happen, but it’s funnier that way.) He hustled back out the door to grab the remaining books. While I sat on the floor to change out of my snow boots—did I mention it snowed the day before and made for pretty messy travel?—Janeen also politely asked me to choose a new favorite Nora book. Why? Because I’d blabbed my big fat mouth to everyone about how much I love The Obsession (seriously if you haven’t read it yet, GET IT) and readers had listened and purchased every copy they had in stock. Oops. At this point, I felt like a really small-time Oprah. It was glorious!

Anyway, I put my super cute boots on and introduced myself to the rest of the authors who were all really, really nice. And then it was time for the signing to start. The first 20 or so people who poured in bee-lined for Nora so I had a few minutes to drink some water and try to bring the register of my voice down to normal levels. The first person who had me sign a book was a white-haired gentleman who also writes romance! Next up was a husband-wife couple who were there picking up some books for their daughter, an avid romance reader. They had me sign one of the books “Your dad is awesome.” ????

Then #LucyCon happened. Ya see, BRAs don’t just show up to a signing. They all buy matching #LucyCon merchandise and show up at Nora Roberts’ bookstore and tell her they’re there to see me. Thankfully, Nora, her fabulous publicist, Laura, and the rest of the staff have really wonderful sense of humor and had no problem with the #LucyCon invasion.

I proceeded to have the best day ever. I hugged a ton of people. Took a lot of pictures. Signed a lot of books. Shot only slightly disturbing admiring glances in Nora’s direction. And enjoyed a pizza and champagne lunch with all of the authors. Nora even ate some of the chocolate chip cheesecake I brought (because I’m afraid no one will like me unless I bribe them with baked goods). One of the highlights of the day was when my sisters surprised me. I had no idea they were coming and they made it the whole way through the line to my table before I even spotted them!

After the signing, we took pictures with all the authors and then it was time to leave and act like a normal human being. It was difficult. Mr. Lucy and I got in the car and sat there for a full minute without saying a word. It had been so much fun and such a perfect day not just as a writer, but as a reader who has been devouring Nora books for a few decades now. It was so perfect it almost felt traumatic. The conversation went something like this.

Mr. Lucy: *staring through the windshield at nothing* Uhhhhhhhhhh…

Me: *whispers* We must never speak of this day.

I bet you’re thinking this would be a good place to wrap it up, right? I had the best first book signing in the history of authors signing books. And this blog post is already novel-length. But wait! There’s more!

We met all of the BRAs for dinner at a golf course/tavern place hosted by my stunningly lovely and fiercely organized admin Tammy. There were 45 of us. Drinking drinks. Eating incredible food (shoutout to Schroyer’s Tavern for not batting an eye at the size and volume of our group, your food and service were amazing). Hugging some more. They got me a Happy Birthday/Book Signing Taco Cake and sang to me.

It was. Amazing. And I am beyond grateful from the depths of my romance writery heart (so you know its deep, y’all) for everyone who turned up for that freezing cold weekend in February in Boonsboro, Maryland. Thank you to the bookstore staff for being so damn nice and so damn organized. Thank you to Nora and Laura for your graciousness and sense of humor. To my BRAs, thank you for picking each other up at the airport. For sharing hotel rooms. For carpooling. For being so incredibly generous. For choosing to read my books. For being people with obvious great taste and big hearts.

I love you all! Thank you for being the best part of my best day! ????