Part of my job as Lucy’s personal assistant is proofing the Bootleg Springs audiobooks and it’s the best job ever! Audio Dan (Lucy’s brother) and I race to see who can finish the proof first. Stephen Dexter and Natalie Duke will narrate the whole series and they really get into character, like the true performers they are. The charm and sass they bring to the Bodines is music to my ears!

Whiskey Chaser is available for your listening pleasure, Sidecar Crush is also done and has been uploaded to Audible and at this writing has not gone live yet. Moonshine Kiss is currently being proofed, and Bourbon Bliss is in production. We are working feverishly behind the scenes to get you all the audiobooks as soon as possible! Spoiler alert: June’s narration is stunning so far. I know she’s a fan favorite!

Narrators: Natalie Duke and Stephen Dexter
Whiskey Chaser’s audiobook is finally live! You guys, Scarlett Bodine… I CAN’T EVEN!
Whiskey Chaser (Bootleg Springs #1) is available on Audible (use that credit, baby) and on Amazon with $7.49 Whispersync for Voice!

The entire Bootleg Springs Series is in audio production with the beautiful genius narrators Natalie Duke and Stephen Dexter! Claire Kingsley and Lucy are so excited! The clips from Whiskey Chaser have confirmed that Natalie Duke is the perfect Scarlett Bodine!

Oh, my beautiful reader pals, Moonshine Kiss (Bootleg Springs #3) is live and ready to claim your weekend! Bowie Bodine is a spectacular book boyfriend specimen and Deputy Cassidy Tucker doesn’t make it easy for him. 

Check out the series on Amazon and get sucked into the steamy love stories, the small-town hilarity, and the unsolved mystery of Callie Kendall’s disappearance. Things are heating up in Bootleg Springs when journalists descend on the town to wreak havoc. Can Bowie and Cassidy stay friends while on opposite sides of the investigation into Bowie’s father’s involvement in the cold case?

Moonshine Kiss brings back all your Bootleg favorites including:

  • the entire Bodine clan
  • town chicken Mona Lisa McNugget
  • bar fights at The Lookout
  • nosy neighbors
  • and of course, gems like this one “I vaguely remembered Devlin and Bowie making me shake Misty Lynn’s stupid hand that had probably touched sixty percent of the penises in town.”

Read for free on Kindle Unlimited or enjoy the launch week special price at $2.99.