I cannot tell you how excited I am for Lucy’s work in progress to hit the charts! There’s no release date or title, the book isn’t even finished yet. But when Lucy is so excited about a project, I know it’s going to be an epic book! One evening back in August Tammy Becky, Lucy, and I named characters plotted tropes and conflicts, and it was the most fun ever! That’s how Brick and Remi were named, just spitballing over messenger to see what stuck! Here’s a peek at a behind-the-scenes screenshot!

Oh, like I’m going to show you any spoilers.

Frenemies to lovers
Slow burn to 17-alarm fire
Pining hero who is absolutely not going to cross that line
Free-spirited artist heroine in secret trouble but pretending everything is fine
Set on Mackinac Island in Michigan
The horse’s name is Cleetus

The snow fell harder now. Fat flakes floating from the sky blotting out the horizon as Cleetus picked his way down the path.

“I swear to Christ, if you ever leave your house without your inhaler again, I’m going to lock you up.”

“If my recollection serves, I didn’t call you. This isn’t your problem.”

Brick hated to admit it, but it rankled that she hadn’t called him this time. That she hadn’t come to him for help.

“You didn’t call, but I came anyway. That’s the way this works. You will always be my problem.”

For some goddamn ridiculous female reason, his pissed off answer had her relaxing against him. He could spend a lifetime studying Remi and knew she still wouldn’t make any damn sense to him. The bigger problem was that with her new relaxed position his thumb wasn’t just brushing her breast, it was pinned under it.

“You couldn’t throw on a bra and put your inhaler in your coat, could you?” he muttered.

He winced when she shifted against him. She had to feel how fucking hard he was for her with his cock wedged up against her ass like that. Every rock of the saddle was a new level of hell for him.

“No one told you to put your damn hand up my shirt,” she reminded him. She sounded better, brighter, perkier.

“I don’t hear you asking me to remove it,” he shot back.

“I didn’t ask you to remove your hard-on from my ass either. I’m too polite.”

“Jesus, Remi.”

Lucy’s Heart of Hope was originally published as a part of Melanie Shawn’s Hope Falls Kindle World. It’s a wonderfully emotional Christmas story about HOPE! It’s inspiring and so heartwarming I puddle up just thinking about it. Have your tissues ready for this one!

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“Just because I don’t run around with a stupid grin on my face all day every day doesn’t mean I’m grumpy.”

Ryan Sosa, grumpy former corporate accountant, has had it up to here with surprises. He didn’t see getting fired coming. And he certainly didn’t anticipate flying across the country to the world’s hippie-est, happiest, most annoying town to save his great-uncle from some mysterious emergency.

Not only is there actual snow on the ground, it also appears that elves on psychedelics have decked Blue Moon’s halls. But he doesn’t have time to be snarky about the impending Winter Solstice and Multicultural Holiday Celebration—whatever the hell that is. Not when he’s got a farm to save, a free-range sheep that he may or may not have nudged with his stupid microscopic rental car, and some small-town veterinarian telling him she can’t take the animal off his hands.

Dr. Sammy Ames has a practice to manage and a fundraising crisis to attend to. She doesn’t have time to deal with a big-city grouch who doesn’t remember being her first kiss ever. Especially not since he wants to dump a sheep named Stan on her. So not happening. No matter how cute—and pantless—Ryan is when he’s drunk.

Besides, as soon as he solves his uncle’s problem, he’ll be on the first flight out of Blue Moon, never to return again.
It will take a Winter Solstice Miracle or perhaps some matchmaking interference from the Beautification Committee to get these two to see eye-to-eye under the mistletoe…unless he’s the wrong Ryan after all.


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Here’s the teensiest little snippet of the Blue Moon fun you’re about to find yourself in the midst of…

That was exactly what Dr. Sammy Ames was looking for. A small-town good guy who threw flour during completely unrealistic cookie baking fights. Growly and grumpy would never be the star of one of those stories. Besides, Ryan was too practical to throw flour. It took forever to clean up.

Grumpy, protective Gannon King is on sale in the US and UK Amazon stores for 99¢ RIGHT NOW!
Here’s the teensiest sneak peek at THAT SHOWER SCENE…

She stood with her hands braced against the tile water cascading down her bruised and bandaged body. But she was alive. The part of him that had clenched into panic with Mel’s announcement finally released.
When she didn’t attempt to yell at him or shield herself from his gaze, a new worry bloomed. She was every color of purple across most of her back, and he cringed at the patches of gauze and tape that looked as though they were holding her together. Steam billowed around his head.
“I can’t wash my hair,” she said finally. Paige’s voice had none of its usual authority, just exhaustion and that jagged edge of pain that hurt him to hear.
He wanted to scoop her up and lecture her on set safety. But that wasn’t what she needed. She needed comfort.
Gannon studied her, hands on hips, for almost a full minute and then sighed. He started to work the laces of his boots loose. Toeing them off, he tugged his t-shirt over his head.
“Oh my God. What are you doing?” Paige’s voice barely rose above the spray from the shower head.
“I’m washing your damn hair.”
His jeans came next, and as his thumbs hooked into the waistband of his boxer briefs, Gannon noted that Paige’s head spun back to face the shower wall. The last thing she needed was to add whiplash to her ailments.
He stepped in behind her and pulled the shower curtain back in place.
“Save it. We’ll argue about this later.” He guided her head under the spray and brushed her hair back from her face.


A little background on The Mistletoe Kisser; this was released in December of 2019 (ah, those were the days) as a short story in a holiday anthology featuring Sammy the vet from Blue Moon Bend! Lucy decided to freshen it up and release it as a novella in December of 2020. Once she started digging into it, though, she quickly realized she was nowhere near ready to be done with Blue Moon. It’s now over 70,000 words and she’s not done yet! She loves it, and from the snippets she’s shared with me, I love it, too! I can’t wait for you to read it! Blue Moon, here we come, just in time for winter solstice, Blue Moon style!

Riley Thorn and the Dead Guy has been a resounding success so far! Have you read it? Did you love it? Did you review it? I need everyone to rave about it so Lucy writes a sequel! I need to know what Riley’s middle name is!

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From Lucy: Thanks to your beautiful faces and one-clicking fingers, Riley Thorn and the Dead Guy Next Door hit #5 in the Amazon Kindle store! That’s HUGE. Mega huge. Gigantamoo if you will (my sister made that word up from gigantic and humongous. I think cheese balls and wine were involved).

“I freaking loved it!!! The mystery, romance, comedy, and suspense…it gave me everything I love all in one…” —Abby Garza

“Lucy you’re a genius! Thank you for the book I had no idea I needed in my life!” —Kristal Allen

“Thanks for the book hangover!!” —Maxine Bosko

“A freaking comedic masterpiece!” —Ellen Kessing

“I don’t think I have ever laughed so much while reading a book.” —Melanie Marnell

“Seriously amused by the color descriptions in RTatDGND. Shit brown, mud brown, pea soup green, jaundice yellow, urine yellow, morale-crushing gray…” —Deborah Fogt

“…only Lucy can fix a Lucy hangover.” —Casey Teeters (on why she was reading another Lucy book immediately after Dead Guy Next Door)

“WARNING: Lucy Score books are NOT SAFE in the time of Covid-19!! Lucy Score books will make you laugh and more importantly, snort. Snot may inadvertently come out of your nose! This is unsanitary and unsafe during this pandemic. You will need to sanitize! You will need to look around and make sure no one saw it happen! Beware and be safe!” —Suzie Mengelt