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Where It All Began

eBook, Paperback

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“This would be a lot easier if you had a sense of humor.”

“This would be a lot easier if you were a man.”

John has plans for these two hundred rundown acres. He sees a farm, a family, a future here. He’s not about to drag someone in on the ground floor, not before he’s put in the work to turn rubble into home. But his nosy neighbors have other ideas. Now, he’s saddled with a grad student who’s supposed to lend a hand. Hell, she was also supposed to be a he, not an opinionated, smart-mouthed woman who does nothing but question his every move.

She’s ruining his nice, quiet life. And if she doesn’t finish her thesis and get out of his guest room soon, he’s going to have to scare her off.

Phoebe desperately needs this degree and the money it will bring. What she doesn’t need is this stubborn farmer’s attitude and his pathological need to avoid her. She’s trapped in this tiny hippie town, trying every trick in the book to get the stalwart John to open up. Her future is on the line. Her family needs her. And no farmer is going to stand in her way.

Author’s Note: Do NOT read this book until you’ve read at least Blue Moon #3, or even better #4. I’m protecting your reader experience here. I promise. Trust me there are things that happen that I don’t want to blindside you with and murder all your feelings before you’ve even read the first few books in the series. So go ahead, buy it now. But do NOT read Where It All Began until at least after The Last Second Chance.


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