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No More Secrets

eBook, Paperback, Audiobook

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“Are you calling dibs?”

“She’s a woman, not the last piece of f**king pie. And yes, I’m calling dibs if it keeps your hands off of her.”

Carter Pierce is a man who believes in signs. He just doesn't know what to do with this one.

In the small town of Blue Moon Bend, where everybody is a matchmaker and a tie-dye wearing hippie, Carter wants to be left alone to tend the family farm. After returning from Afghanistan with scars, his only goal is recovery. He doesn't need distractions. Definitely not one with silver-blonde hair who just keep getting in his way.

Summer Lentz is a big city journalist sent to interview Carter and his family. She's out of place in the small town, with her designer wardrobe and workaholic lifestyle. She asks too many questions and doesn't take no for an answer, threatening to destroy the peace that Carter has been working towards. She thwarts every attempt he makes to retreat back inside himself, somehow bringing him closer to being whole again.

Summer has secrets of her own, but she never planned to open up to anyone—especially not the scowling, secretive farmer whose story she's after. But as she gets drawn into the community, she starts to realize that she can't stay closed off forever.

And what's more, she doesn't want to.

Can Carter and Summer grow closer with a little help from the town? Or will secrets keep them apart?


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