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Breaking the Rules

eBook, Paperback, Audiobook

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Xavier wanted a drink. A cigarette. A coma. Something, anything to get the need for Waverly out of his system.

It’s been five years since she almost died because of a mistake he made. Five years since he saved her… and then left her. But no amount of time will make Xavier Saint forget her.

Movie star Waverly Sinner has moved on. She calls the shots in her life now and a newfound use for her acting talents keeps her too busy to worry about old scars. Until it all goes to hell. Now, she’s got a gunshot wound and a missing fake boyfriend to find.

When Xavier forces his way back into her life ready to play the hero again, Waverly pushes back. She’ll never trust the man who broke her heart, even if she desperately needs his help. Even if she’s tortured by memories of what it was like being worshiped by his battled-hardened body.


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