From Lucy: These are the FIRST TWO books that Mr. Lucy and I ever published together. They were the beginning of a beautiful working relationship… even though they were supposed to be one book and there’s kind of a cliffhanger in the middle. Which apparently was a huge no-no at the time. I’M SUCH A […]

Mr. Lucy and Marketing Guy Rick are important members of #TeamLucy. They are also long-time buddies and “talkers” who missed their in-person meeting during the pandemic lockdown. Please enjoy the minutes of a meeting to discuss putting a book on sale. • Rick arrives.• 15 minutes spent discussing whether to order dinner.• 10 minutes spent […]

Between books, Lucy has decided to learn new hobbies to keep her brain fresh. This time it’s watercolors! Lucy and her friend Laura are competing in a “duck-off” to see who painted the best duck. Stay tuned to see what the judges decided!

Did you ever hear a sound so wonderful that your ears hugged the sides of your head in ear-y delight? Get ready for it to happen because By a Thread’s audiobook is LIVE! If you’ve got an Audible credit burning a hole in your pocket, now is the time to use it! Sebastian York is […]

Man. I grossed myself out with that headline! PANTSING VS. PLOTTINGFirst, I’d like to say that I have an intense dislike of jargon. When people say things like “not in my wheelhouse” around me, I break out into hives and start dry-heaving. When it comes to writing, one of the first things another author will […]

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