I have some cool news: Lucy is part of a team of authors that are launching a new site for book lovers today. It’s called BingeBooks, and the idea is to help readers find great books and discover new authors. You can find all Lucy’s books there, organized by series tabs on her author page: […]

Here’s the teensiest little snippet of the Blue Moon fun you’re about to find yourself in the midst of… That was exactly what Dr. Sammy Ames was looking for. A small-town good guy who threw flour during completely unrealistic cookie baking fights. Growly and grumpy would never be the star of one of those stories. […]

Bootleg Springs book three, Moonshine Kiss, is now available at Audible! Bowie Bodine and Cassidy Tucker are narrated by the amazing Stephen Dexter and Natalie Duke. Unfortunately, Sidecar Crush is still being held up somewhere in the ether. It was submitted at the same time as Whiskey Chaser. But Bourbon Bliss has been proofed and […]

We have received questions about signed paperbacks! Here’s What’s Happening: With the pandemic, print-on-demand is having some snafus. Printers are understaffed and some companies are outsourcing. Some copies are arriving damaged and it’s taking weeks to get replacements. SO, it’s hard for Mr. Lucy to stock up on paperbacks for Lucy to sign with love! […]

Part of my job as Lucy’s personal assistant is proofing the Bootleg Springs audiobooks and it’s the best job ever! Audio Dan (Lucy’s brother) and I race to see who can finish the proof first. Stephen Dexter and Natalie Duke will narrate the whole series and they really get into character, like the true performers […]

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