Lucy announced today that the fabulous Erin Mallon and Sebastian York will be narrating the upcoming audiobook By a Thread! The audio is currently in pre-production, we’ll let you know when it’s available! Such exciting news, stay tuned for more updates!

Here’s a teeny, tiny appetizer for you from the upcoming By a Thread (April 23, put it in your calendar!)… —- We were both quiet for a long beat. Him still gripping my wrist. Me still staring at him as if he’d just announced he had four testicles and dreamed of someday raising miniature donkeys. […]

Against a cardinal. Yup. There is an all out assault against the Score household by a randy cardinal. So far Lucy has tried pictures of animals taped to her windows, an owl cookie jar set outside, and eating lunch outside on the patio. This is Lucy’s latest update: Cardinal update: I’m on to Plan W. […]

Welcome to Fake Professor Lucy’s Life Hacks for Hermitting Amidst Chaos 101. (That title probably needs work) In my five years as a full-time author, I have achieved expert-level status in staying at home AND dealing with things that are terrible (though usually on a much smaller scale than what we’re currently dealing with. For […]

Lucy got a little derailed writing her WIP (think Lucy-fied Stephanie Plum) so she started re-plotting! She told Tammy and I that she had to draw a diagram of who is getting shot at by whom! I can always tell when Lucy is excited about the book she’s writing, and I love getting some behind […]

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