You fabulous readers really showed up at the polls for Charlie Thorne’s new name! 5,438 of you to be exact. And while there was love for all names on the poll and a lot of suggestions for names not on the poll, there was a clear winner.

In case you didn’t hear, Lucy’s next book, Charlie Thorne and the Dead Guy Next Door is having to be renamed. It’s still releasing August 27, but with a new heroine name. Between the time Lucy did her Google name search and the time she announced the title, another author released a children’s book with […]

From Lucy: These are the FIRST TWO books that Mr. Lucy and I ever published together. They were the beginning of a beautiful working relationship… even though they were supposed to be one book and there’s kind of a cliffhanger in the middle. Which apparently was a huge no-no at the time. I’M SUCH A […]

Mr. Lucy and Marketing Guy Rick are important members of #TeamLucy. They are also long-time buddies and “talkers” who missed their in-person meeting during the pandemic lockdown. Please enjoy the minutes of a meeting to discuss putting a book on sale. • Rick arrives.• 15 minutes spent discussing whether to order dinner.• 10 minutes spent […]

Between books, Lucy has decided to learn new hobbies to keep her brain fresh. This time it’s watercolors! Lucy and her friend Laura are competing in a “duck-off” to see who painted the best duck. Stay tuned to see what the judges decided!

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