Well, folks. Plan H732B finally solved the problem. I’ve been feuding with a cardinal named Pecky for weeks. He began his assault on our windows in March and we tried everything. Fake owl cookie jars. Photos of our nieces and nephews. Printed pictures of other birds taped to the windows. Closing the curtains. Taping up […]

Lucy and Mr Lucy woke up the other day to a fawn on their lawn! It stayed there for a whole day before they were able to get it moved to the fence row behind their house to be reunited with it’s mama. It was so sweet!

By a Thread reached #2 in the entire US Kindle Store this week! Apparently, Mr. Lucy has politely requested Lucy stop doing the Queen’s wave every time she enters his office! Have you read it yet? By a Thread is a steamy, swoony workplace romantic comedy with a grumpy boss hero determined to save the […]

At this writing, Lucy’s wonderfully amazing By a Thread has reached the Amazon rank of #4 in the Kindle store! What an amazing achievement 17 days after release! I’m so proud of Lucy!

The entire Bootleg Springs Series is in audio production with the beautiful genius narrators Natalie Duke and Stephen Dexter! Claire Kingsley and Lucy are so excited! The clips from Whiskey Chaser have confirmed that Natalie Duke is the perfect Scarlett Bodine!

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