I don’t know if I’m a complete weirdo, or if everyone envisions their perfect day of just the right amounts of family quality time, productivity, health consciousness, and relaxing. When I took complete control of all the hours in my day (24 to be precise), I failed miserably in all arenas. I thought not being […]

To the mamas, the mothers, the moms, and mommies, To the moms who have experienced heart-breaking loss and still get out of bed in the morning. To the moms who wanted to but couldn’t. To the moms who just need one good night’s sleep or a week… or a month… To the moms who birthed […]

People I didn’t pay called me brilliant and then I choked on my own spit. Just a typical launch day for Lucy Score and That’s What She Said Publishing. Yesterday was the release of Not Part of the Plan, the fourth installment in my small town romance Blue Moon series! It was a day of good cheer […]

Get ready to head back to Blue Moon, folks! There’s a new release heading to Kindles everywhere. You can expect to download your copy of Not Part of the Plan onto your Kindle on April 11! Let’s talk details… this is the fourth book in my Blue Moon series. Each book can be read as a […]

Dear Readers, I was due for a blog post and asked Facebook what they’d like to hear about and the answer was: inspiration. Where do I get the ideas for my stories and characters?” Well, I’ll tell you. I’m the person sitting in the restaurant eavesdropping on the tables around her. At family gatherings, I’m […]

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