A few author pals and I got to talking about some of the most enjoyable books we picked up this year. And since everyone and their third-cousin is doing Best Of lists, we thought we’d put together our own list of books from authors we think our readers would love. So fire up those Kindles […]

As 2019 begins to come to a close (seriously, where did this year go? In my head it’s only March), I thought I’d post a list of my 2020 signings in case you’d like to come see my face! Saturday, May 2: Music City with the Belles Nashville, Tennessee Event Page Facebook Attendee Group Friday […]

“But, but, but the books are numbered!” — Imaginary Reader You are correct! The hilarious and amazing Blue Moon series chock full of small-town romcom zaniness is numbered. However, there’s this sneaky little book called Where It All Began. It’s the prequel to the series and it tells the story of John and Phoebe Pierce. […]

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