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Writing Inspiration: That Fickle Bitch

Dear Readers, I was due for a blog post and asked Facebook what they’d like to hear about and the answer was: inspiration. Where do I get the ideas for my stories and characters?” Well, I’ll tell you. I’m the person sitting in the restaurant eavesdropping on the tables around her. At family gatherings, I’m […]

Writing outside the home

Every once in a while in this writer’s life, there comes a day like today where something (usually technology) pushes me too far over the edge for me to trust myself to write at home. Because, left to my own devices (ha), I will probably throw something important and expensive through a window and eventually […]


Happy Belated Valentine’s Day

Happy day after Valentine’s Day, everyone! I hope you had a beautiful day! Mr. Lucy made me look like a jerk and got me presents (Victoria’s Secret, the sexy AND the comfy kind) even though we said no presents and all I got him was a card. I made up for it by taking him out to […]


The voice of Harper and Luke

When Mr. Lucy and I decided to turn Pretend You’re Mine into an audiobook, we had a very strict list of must-haves: The narrator needed to make Luke and Harper so real, you’d forget you were listening to an audiobook. She needed to deliver the story with energy. She had to be the perfect Mrs. […]


Monday Musings

I had an inkling that today would be a rough Monday for many of us so I went to great lengths to bombard people with hilarious memes on FB. And together, through laughter, snarkiness, and some alcohol, we got through the day! Nice job, everyone! In writing news, I’ve officially started writing Blue Moon #4 […]


MLK Day and Heart of Hope

Happy Monday morning to you! First, a shoutout to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. on his day. It’s always a pleasure for me to mark the day that honors a man so focused on love and peace. May we all remember his Pinterest-worthy wisdom… Speaking of love, my new release, Heart of Hope is out! […]

Positively Monday

Mondays for nearly everyone suck. It really doesn’t matter if you work in the house or outside the house. Mondays are rough. So let’s talk good stuff to get the week kicked off right… My top three Positively Monday Things: Not only did Mr. Lucy take me to Taco Bell for lunch, he also gifted me […]

Hello there 2017, you sexy beast

I love New Years in the same way that I love makeover movies. It’s a NEW BEGINNING, GUYS! We can be anyone we want to be this year, do anything we want to do, smell any way we want to smell in 2017, because we’re metaphorically shaking off the shackles of 2016 and taking stock […]

Christmas Letter 2016

Merry Christmas and happy holidays, my friends! I hope your weekend is full of peaceful, sweet hours. And if it’s not, may I suggest hiding in a closet with one of my new releases? “Where’s Mommy?” “Locked in the closet with Lucy.” I feel like this year was a tough one on all of us. […]

Early release for Breaking the Rules!

Oh, happy day! Thanks to Mr. Lucy’s tireless work, you can get your hot little hands on the conclusion to the Sinner & Saint duet five days early! Breaking the Rules is available on Amazon now. Consider it my Christmas gift to you! Breaking the Rules Lucy’s Tags: steamy and suspenseful and hot as hell He […]