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Why We Can’t Celebrate Birthdays in Public

My family has a tradition that prevents us from celebrating birthdays in public venues like restaurants. I don’t know when or why we started it, but it’s been going on for years. Seeing as how I hit 40 this week, I thought I’d give you a behind-the-scenes peek at Score family birthday shenanigans!

8 Terrible Titles

A few author pals (Hey, Kelsey Kingsley, Alley Ciz, and Kait Nolan!) tagged me in a Facebook author game called EIGHT TERRIBLE TITLES, which went terribly wrong awfully fast. The rules: ”Scroll through your manuscript. Let your cursor fall where it may and bam—you’ve got yourself one terrible title. Repeat this seven more times. Let […]

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2020 Book Signings

As 2019 begins to come to a close (seriously, where did this year go? In my head it’s only March), I thought I’d post a list of my 2020 signings in case you’d like to come see my face! Saturday, May 2: Music City with the Belles Nashville, Tennessee Event Page Facebook Attendee Group Friday […]


The Official Blue Moon Reading Order

“But, but, but the books are numbered!” — Imaginary Reader You are correct! The hilarious and amazing Blue Moon series chock full of small-town romcom zaniness is numbered. However, there’s this sneaky little book called Where It All Began. It’s the prequel to the series and it tells the story of John and Phoebe Pierce. […]


Top 5 Reasons to Read Rock Bottom Girl

5. It’s a girthy standalone. That’s right. You don’t have to read 17 books before this one. There’s no commitment! It’s a once and done trip to small-town central Pennsylvania. 4. Jake and Marley are almost 40. Which means they’re good at sex and things like paying bills and navigating professional relationships. Sure, they’ve still […]


Let’s talk about Luke Perry

There will be some people in your life who will judge you or question you or be completely confused by your sadness over the death of someone you never met. That is their problem, not yours. So don’t feel like you need to apologize for being genuinely sad or happy for someone you don’t know. […]

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Book Signing with Nora Roberts

My first book signing ever On February 2, I attended my very first book signing. At Turn the Page Bookstore. WITH NORA ROBERTS. The following is my abbreviated (Yeah right, let’s be serious. I don’t abbreviate anything.) recollection of the happiest blur of a weekend ever. Mr. Lucy and I arrived at our hotel Friday […]