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Lucy gets a new hobby! Again.

Between books, Lucy has decided to learn new hobbies to keep her brain fresh. This time it’s watercolors! Lucy and her friend Laura are competing in a “duck-off” to see who painted the best duck. Stay tuned to see what the judges decided!

In case you missed it!

Lucy had a newsletter with some very important content this week. Here’s what she had to say: EXPLAIN LIKE I’M 5Every once in a while I tiptoe on over to Reddit. There’s a subreddit called Explain Like I’m 5. I love the concept of breaking down complex things into bite-sized nuggets that make sense. I […]

Wildlife at the Score Ranch

Lucy and Mr Lucy woke up the other day to a fawn on their lawn! It stayed there for a whole day before they were able to get it moved to the fence row behind their house to be reunited with it’s mama. It was so sweet!

By a Thread Amazon Rank!

At this writing, Lucy’s wonderfully amazing By a Thread has reached the Amazon rank of #4 in the Kindle store! What an amazing achievement 17 days after release! I’m so proud of Lucy!

Audio Announcement!

Lucy announced today that the fabulous Erin Mallon and Sebastian York will be narrating the upcoming audiobook By a Thread! The audio is currently in pre-production, we’ll let you know when it’s available! Such exciting news, stay tuned for more updates!

Lucy wages war

Against a cardinal. Yup. There is an all out assault against the Score household by a randy cardinal. So far Lucy has tried pictures of animals taped to her windows, an owl cookie jar set outside, and eating lunch outside on the patio. This is Lucy’s latest update: Cardinal update: I’m on to Plan W. […]

Behind the scenes peek at the chaos!

Lucy got a little derailed writing her WIP (think Lucy-fied Stephanie Plum) so she started re-plotting! She told Tammy and I that she had to draw a diagram of who is getting shot at by whom! I can always tell when Lucy is excited about the book she’s writing, and I love getting some behind […]

Protecting What’s Mine

Almost two months after the release of Protecting What’s Mine, Chief Sexy Pants and Doc Dreamy are still heating up the Amazon charts! They’re hanging out in the top 50 with over 450 reviews! I’m so proud of Lucy’s efforts to bring you this book. Lucy worried she might not be able to do justice […]