Did you know Lucy has bonus material including extra epilogues, bonus scenes, and a few standalone short stories for free on this website? She JUST added a short story for everyone’s favorite stun-gun happy bodyguard Jane from The Price of Scandal! This was done with zany input from her reader group in a 24 hour writing challenge.

Some of the wild input readers demanded included:
Heroine: Jane
Hero: Dane (She exercised her cheating skills here and changed it to Armando)
Setting: Miami
Trope: Stuck Together (She took this as literally as possible)
Hero’s Quirk: Wears a fanny pack his granny gave him.
Heroine’s Quirk: Owns an iguana that she walks on a leash.
Wild Cards: Hero has an identical twin, Gary Busey, clown phobia, hero is an ex-bodyguard for Robert Pattinson, iguana only eats green grapes, Reuben sandwiches, The Rock

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