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Here’s the teensiest sneak peek at THAT SHOWER SCENE…

She stood with her hands braced against the tile water cascading down her bruised and bandaged body. But she was alive. The part of him that had clenched into panic with Mel’s announcement finally released.
When she didn’t attempt to yell at him or shield herself from his gaze, a new worry bloomed. She was every color of purple across most of her back, and he cringed at the patches of gauze and tape that looked as though they were holding her together. Steam billowed around his head.
“I can’t wash my hair,” she said finally. Paige’s voice had none of its usual authority, just exhaustion and that jagged edge of pain that hurt him to hear.
He wanted to scoop her up and lecture her on set safety. But that wasn’t what she needed. She needed comfort.
Gannon studied her, hands on hips, for almost a full minute and then sighed. He started to work the laces of his boots loose. Toeing them off, he tugged his t-shirt over his head.
“Oh my God. What are you doing?” Paige’s voice barely rose above the spray from the shower head.
“I’m washing your damn hair.”
His jeans came next, and as his thumbs hooked into the waistband of his boxer briefs, Gannon noted that Paige’s head spun back to face the shower wall. The last thing she needed was to add whiplash to her ailments.
He stepped in behind her and pulled the shower curtain back in place.
“Save it. We’ll argue about this later.” He guided her head under the spray and brushed her hair back from her face.