From Lucy: Thanks to your beautiful faces and one-clicking fingers, Riley Thorn and the Dead Guy Next Door hit #5 in the Amazon Kindle store! That’s HUGE. Mega huge. Gigantamoo if you will (my sister made that word up from gigantic and humongous. I think cheese balls and wine were involved).

“I freaking loved it!!! The mystery, romance, comedy, and suspense…it gave me everything I love all in one…” —Abby Garza

“Lucy you’re a genius! Thank you for the book I had no idea I needed in my life!” —Kristal Allen

“Thanks for the book hangover!!” —Maxine Bosko

“A freaking comedic masterpiece!” —Ellen Kessing

“I don’t think I have ever laughed so much while reading a book.” —Melanie Marnell

“Seriously amused by the color descriptions in RTatDGND. Shit brown, mud brown, pea soup green, jaundice yellow, urine yellow, morale-crushing gray…” —Deborah Fogt

“…only Lucy can fix a Lucy hangover.” —Casey Teeters (on why she was reading another Lucy book immediately after Dead Guy Next Door)

“WARNING: Lucy Score books are NOT SAFE in the time of Covid-19!! Lucy Score books will make you laugh and more importantly, snort. Snot may inadvertently come out of your nose! This is unsanitary and unsafe during this pandemic. You will need to sanitize! You will need to look around and make sure no one saw it happen! Beware and be safe!” —Suzie Mengelt