Some of my personal favorite moments from this hippie, happy small-town series are:

  • Goat attacks
  • Higgenworth Communal Alternative Education Day Care
  • Fitz stripping for Phoebe’s bachelorette party
  • The astrological apocalypse
  • The Pierce brothers meeting Franklin when he climbs out of their mother’s bedroom window
  • Every town meeting with Bruce Oakleigh
  • Niko wrestling pigs
  • Book Club
  • Aurora’s makeovers on the Pierce brothers

INTENSE AUTHOR’S NOTE: Remember, if you haven’t read the series DO NOT start with Where It All Began. Or I will show up at your house—wearing a face mask, of course—and use a long, sanitized stick to lovingly slap your Kindle out of your hands.

SAD PANDA NOTE: I’m bummed that readers without US and UK Amazon accounts miss out on the Kindle Countdown sales. Hopefully, Amazon changes the sale capabilities for other international markets soon! ❤️