Here’s a teeny, tiny appetizer for you from the upcoming By a Thread (April 23, put it in your calendar!)…


We were both quiet for a long beat. Him still gripping my wrist. Me still staring at him as if he’d just announced he had four testicles and dreamed of someday raising miniature donkeys.
“I wanted to clear the air,” he said, pressing on. “If Harry was picking up on something between us, then others will also. That’s not the kind of environment Label is. Not anymore.”
My brain was still wading through his speech. There was something real, something vulnerable in there, and I needed several uninterrupted days to process it all.
“Say something,” he demanded gruffly.
“Well, the first thing that comes to mind is: I look great naked,” I told him. The man put his head down on the table, and I almost laughed.
“Dammit. I knew it,” he said mournfully.

By a Thread (affectionately known as Grumpy Grump Face for several months) is a standalone, grumpy boss, forbidden relationship, slow burn, romantic comedy.

Coming to Amazon in ebook, paperback, and KindleUnlimited on April 23.

Because times are tough and money is tight, It will be on sale for $2.99. At 138,000 words, that works out to roughly $0.00002166 a word. A bargain!