As our lives shift significantly the past few days, we want to remind you, as Lucy mentioned in her newsletter,

We’re in this together. And together, we can and will save the world.
When this is behind us, I have a feeling we’re all going to emerge with a greater sense of gratitude for things like hugs, teachers, going to the movies, sitting down in our favorite restaurants, happy hours, daycare, toilet paper, extended family dinners, full stocked grocery stores, libraries, cashiers, shelf-stockers, garbage services, health care professionals, retail workers, paychecks, insurance, shelf-stable foods, first responders, amusement parks, concerts, streaming services, and books.
We will be different. But we can be better. – Lucy

While we practice safe social distancing and look for things to do inside, Team Lucy has put the bestselling Rock Bottom Girl on sale for its one year anniversary – .99 cents US/UK with a low whispersync price and it is on Kindle Unlimited for free!