Almost two months after the release of Protecting What’s Mine, Chief Sexy Pants and Doc Dreamy are still heating up the Amazon charts! They’re hanging out in the top 50 with over 450 reviews!

I’m so proud of Lucy’s efforts to bring you this book. Lucy worried she might not be able to do justice to all the hard working first responders out there, so she created a Facebook group just for help getting all the details correct. I think she did okay, don’t you? My husband is a retired firefighter, and Lucy captured the life of a firefighter perfectly! Lucy loved Chief Lincoln Reed from the first moment she created Luke and Harper, and I think it shows that he’d been marinating in the back of her big brain for a couple years.

Haven’t read Protecting What’s mine yet? Here’s a snippet!

Between twisted metal and over broken glass, strangers helped strangers. Bystanders became heroes on someone else’s worst day. They fetched water bottles and corralled pets. Applied pressure to wounds, lent cell phones and shoulders. They offered strangers hard hugs and whispered promises that everything would be okay. 

A pretty young thing in a green dress gently cleaned blood from an elderly man’s face with a napkin while an EMT checked his vitals. The man’s wife clutched his hand to her chest. Silent tears tracked down her lined face. 

Linc didn’t care for the hero label when others applied it to him. He was trained for this. He had years of experience. He chose this profession. But the woman, probably on her way to meet a friend for lunch, hadn’t. The truck driver supporting a limping teenager and the teenage girl whispering jokes to the man on a stretcher? Those were the real heroes. 

Sigh. Wasn’t that great? Protecting What’s Mine is a stand alone, but best read after Pretend You’re Mine and Finally Mine. I call it the Benevolence Series! Linc, Mack, and Linc’s dog Sunshine will make your heart beat faster!

Joyce aka Lucy’s assistant/boss/wrangler