A few author pals (Hey, Kelsey Kingsley, Alley Ciz, and Kait Nolan!) tagged me in a Facebook author game called EIGHT TERRIBLE TITLES, which went terribly wrong awfully fast.

The rules: ”Scroll through your manuscript. Let your cursor fall where it may and bam—you’ve got yourself one terrible title. Repeat this seven more times. Let the good times roll. Tag eight others.”

Spoiler Alert: This game worked well for everyone EXCEPT ME. Also, I had to cheat a little because some of the lines I initially landed on were not public appropriate WINK WINK NUDGE NUDGE.

Here are eight terrible titles from my upcoming WIP for the moment titled Grumpy Grump Face, which is still better than all of the following:

  1. Did I look like the kind of person who would drop-kick a homeless dog?
  2. Fabulous and somehow classy in a debauched, naked kind of way.
  3. “You’re blinking weird.”
  4. Are you taking me somewhere to murder me?
  5. Take the edge off of Vagina Exploding Vest Guy
  6. I wasn’t asking you for a relationship, you dipshit.
  7. Miscalculating the windspeed of an excited chocolate lab
  8. If I get hemorrhoids from this I’m gonna be pissed

Lucy Note: Grumpy Grump Face is tentatively scheduled for an April 2020 release. Protecting What’s Mine, my small-town firefighter romance will be out January 16, 2020!