I like technology. It’s what gave us airbags and crockpots with built-in timers and e-readers that can hold thousands of books. There are two cool pieces of tech that have made my life as a reader better too. I use both and I love them so much I want to make out with the apps.

OK, so you all know I’m a romance novelist. But I am a reader first. And two of the biggest obstacles I face as a reader (besides bankruptcy from buying too many new books thank you very much KU Korner and BookBub) are:

  1. Finding new writers that I will love, and
  2. Remembering when a favorite author has a new release.

I found two apps that punch both of these issues in the face. Let’s look at finding new writers first. I have a hard time picking new books to read based off of just covers and blurbs. Blurbs aren’t long enough to give me a sense of the story and a good blurb can disguise flaws in the writing or the story. What to do? What to do?

Book+Main Bites

Book+Main Bites is a brand new social media platform FOR READERS. Create your profile, download the app, and boom! You just spent two hours reading excerpts (“bites”) of books based on your mood (wait, that was me). Thinking you want a hot forbidden stepbrother romance? Maybe a bodyguard trope? Looking for a new Christmas read? YOU CAN SEARCH BY THOSE! Search, explore all the bites you have time for, discover new books and writers, and follow your favorite authors.

You can follow me on Book+Main Bites here: @lucyscore

Fave thing about Book+Main Bites: I can try out new-to-me authors before I commit to a buy.


When you love a few dozen authors it gets hard to keep up with all their new releases. Some of my readers put my release dates in their calendars just in case they miss the emails or social media blitzes. Or, if I release on a day with twenty bestsellers… Enter Booksprout. Booksprout is an app that allows you to follow your fave authors and GET ALERTS ON YOUR PHONE when they have a new release or a sale. It’s. Awesome.

Follow me on Booksprout: Lucy Score.

Fave thing about Booksprout: I never miss a new release or a sale!

Other Stuff To Know

Both apps are relatively new (Book+Main launched this week) so functionality is advancing and the number of authors on both platforms will continue to grow. I use both apps and love them and no one is paying me to use them or say nice things.

Check them out and see if they feed your book addiction!