When you’re a writer and your readers come to you and say “We really want you to write this,” you have to at least think about it. That’s what I did when a handful of readers decided they’d like a prequel to the Blue Moon series that followed John and Phoebe–the parents of the hot, irresistible Pierce brothers. So I thought about it. And then I said, “hell no.”

How can I write a love story when everyone already knows (SPOILER ALERT) that John dies? His only appearance in the Blue Moon series is through the essays that he wrote. Did I mention (ANOTHER SPOILER ALERT) Phoebe has since happily remarried?

John Pierce has plans for these two hundred rundown acres. He sees a farm, a family, a future. He’s not about to drag someone in on the ground floor, not before he’s put in the work to turn rubble into home. The grad student he agreed to take on for the summer was supposed to lend a hand. Hell, he was supposed to be a man. Not an opinionated, smart-mouthed woman who does nothing but distract him from dawn to dusk.

She’s ruining his nice, quiet life. And he can’t wait for her to finish her thesis and get out of his hair.

What You Need to Know:

  1. This is the prequel to the entire Blue Moon series and it’s set in 1985. Imagine this, the town rooted in the 1960s is dabbling in stonewashed jeans, blue eye shadow, and like totally bitchen vocabulary.
  2. This is a novel (60,000+ words).
  3. I strongly insist that you read at least the first 3 Blue Moon books before this one. You will understand why!!



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  1. Kim
    Kim says:

    This is my first time “in” a blog, not to mention making a comment on one, so excuse mistakes or conduct, but Wow! I loved “Where It All Began”. It was so emotional (yes I cried) and also regret that I have not met John. He was a great friend, father and husband. You did a wonderful job, Lucy Score. But I do have a question. Not sure if I missed it through tears or if it wasn’t said, but how did john die?
    Thanks for a great book. I have already read Carter’s story and intend to read the others. Thank you.

    • Lucy Score
      Lucy Score says:

      Hi, Kim! I’m so glad you loved Where It All Began! It was a very special story to me and I’m glad it resonated with you :) I never come out and say what John died from. It was an illness that progressed pretty quickly. So in the back of my head, I always felt like it was cancer. And that played into Summer and Carter’s story as well. If you loved John’s character, I can’t wait for you to read The Last Second Chance. He makes an appearance through several essays in that story. Thanks for reading! xoxo

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