Every once in a while in this writer’s life, there comes a day like today where something (usually technology) pushes me too far over the edge for me to trust myself to write at home. Because, left to my own devices (ha), I will probably throw something important and expensive through a window and eventually end up regretting the mangled laptop and shattered glass all over my office.

So today I made the trek out of the house (had to put on real pants whomp whomp) to write at a cafe. I have a local cafe that I usually enjoy, but for writing purposes, it’s a poor choice. It’s one of those places where the same dozen regulars gather every day and then try to turn all of the strangers into regulars too. So you’re sitting there with your headphones on, but not playing any music because you’re too paranoid to listen to tunes in public and miss out on some yelling fire, and one of these charmingly disheveled, retired regulars will politely ask if they can take the other empty chair at your two-top table.

You, being a generally pleasant human being, give a polite nod and possibly a brief smile and a “sure” before getting back to the incredibly inappropriate sex scene you’re writing. But this regular doesn’t want to take your extra chair, he wants to sit at the table with you and talk politics and weather and today’s sock fashions. And if it’s not a regular distracting you, it’s the kids that come into the cafe to eat their lunches because apparently this school district allows students to leave school property during lunch hours so they come in and eat out of cute little lunch boxes and yell at each other and generally destroy the peace and quiet with their charming kidness.

Anyway, so I decided that today I’d drag my ass to a Starbucks because Starbucks customers know how to respect the anonymity and personal space of fellow customers. Plus, I really wanted a vanilla sweet cream cold brew. Anyway, I walk in the door and I’m already regretting it. There’s ONE table left with ONE chair and it’s located uncomfortably close to two guys having some sort of business meeting. That’s okay, that’s fine. I’m less likely to throw my freaking laptop through the storefront window with so many witnesses.

I get my drink, I take the table, and I put on my headphones. Unfortunately the business guys are pretty loud so I have to actually listen to music which is a whole other issue since I’m an oblivious headphone wearer, singing along out loud to music that no one else can hear and table bopping to the beat. So I’m sitting there, pouring my guts out into a really emotional scene and trying not to clap along with Fitz and the Tantrums, when a little redhead who couldn’t have been more than four years old skips up to my table and puts a gigantic iced tea on it. She grins at me and in those adorable little kid eyes, I saw the universe saying “Neener neener!”

The little iced tea thief skipped off after I laughed and her mother demanded she stop giving away her iced tea. And then I was like “Holy. Shit. I just met Aurora.” (Note to New Readers: Aurora is an adorable child from the Blue Moon series. You should totally read it!) I started looking around after that and I realized EVERYONE IN THIS PLACE COULD BE A CHARACTER! There were the two business guys who busted out a secret buddy-guy handshake, the cashier who was yelling jolly, friendly things at every customer because I think he was hard of hearing, and the retired couple who got coffees and she read a paperback (not one of mine) while her husband snuck a picture of my shoes.

Then there was the coolest lady I’ve ever seen and I want to be just like her when/if I grow up. She was teensy with excellent posture, and dressed in really sexy looking workout leggings and a long-sleeve tunic tee. She had on these super trendy plastic frame glasses and was also wearing the smuffiest moccasins I’ve ever seen. She had her hair (gray with lavender highlights) pulled up in a fun topknot. When I do a topknot and wear leggings out of the house I look potentially homeless. She looked like she had just ambled out of some fancy art studio where she spends her afternoons creating masterpieces and was on her way to the grocery store to pick out a few items for tonight’s chef-inspired feast she would prepare for a dozen of her closest friends who are all almost as cool as she is.

Can you see why it’s dangerous to let me out of the house? My mind is on constant character alert. I actually exhaust myself sometimes. Fortunately, I nailed my word count goal before my bladder exploded (close call) and I was able to return home, calmer, less likely to destroy my laptop, and excited about either turning into my new life and style icon or at least writing her into one of my books.

In book news, Not Part of the Plan, the fourth title in the Blue Moon series is ALMOST finished!!!



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  1. Carlina Lowe
    Carlina Lowe says:

    Lucy I just love you! This little blurp about your day is even fib to read. I think you could write about anything and make it hysterically funny and entertaining. Made me want to join you for coffee even though I don’t drink coffee! Glad you reached your goal, had a good cup of Joe and your computer survived a potential Frisbee moment! Hugs♡

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