Mondays for nearly everyone suck. It really doesn’t matter if you work in the house or outside the house. Mondays are rough. So let’s talk good stuff to get the week kicked off right…

My top three Positively Monday Things:

  1. Not only did Mr. Lucy take me to Taco Bell for lunch, he also gifted me with a sexy bottle of olive brine for my dirty martinis. Not only does the man know me well, he also gives me a mid-month present EVERY MONTH. This one just happened to come a little early. #LuckiestWomanAlive
  2. Writing awesomeness: I finished my basic outline of Blue Moon #4 this weekend and I’m so in love with these two characters already. Word of Caution: totally teared up on the plotting of a continuation of Jax and Joey. Oh, speaking of tears, Heart of Hope comes out this week (1/12). And while it’s a novella, I packed the hell out of the feels into 50k words. #ReadWithKleenex
  3. It may be cold outside, but I’m lucky enough to have a warm home, fleece-lined slippers, and a feta-spinach turkey burger from the farmer’s market to make for lunch today.

It’s going to be a good day. Go out there (or stay in) and be awesome! What are your happies? #PositivelyMonday