Merry Christmas and happy holidays, my friends! I hope your weekend is full of peaceful, sweet hours. And if it’s not, may I suggest hiding in a closet with one of my new releases?

“Where’s Mommy?”

“Locked in the closet with Lucy.”

I feel like this year was a tough one on all of us. At times it felt like there was a giant black hole of negativity and doom that was trying to swallow the entire world. Hey, I’m a writer, I’m supposed to be dramatic! My biggest source of comfort this year—besides Mr. Lucy being all handsome and bearded—was you. I’m convinced that if romance readers ran the world, it would be a happier, safer, kinder place. In my humble opinion, when you love love and spend your time absorbing stories of love, family, and happily ever after, it makes you great people.

You, my lovely readers, are beautiful, tolerant, and loving. You say wonderful things about your spouses and significant others, you’re enamored with your kids without being blinded to how freaking hard and hilarious and sometimes futile parenting is. You share books and hope and support. You get mushy at the viral videos of homecomings and surprise gifts I share. And most importantly, you view this world with hope.

That is a beautiful thing.

Every time I felt like 2016 was beating me down, I turned to you and you never let me down. Your comments, posts, reviews, and emails have been the brilliant, sparkling highlight of my year. And I thank you from the bottom of my fiction-filled heart.

So this wouldn’t be a Christmas letter without some obnoxious bragging. Let’s get to it!

In 2016, I published five books this year! FIVE. It was insane. I haven’t answered my phone since the end of July and I think some of my friends and family think I was abducted. But this year the funny, sweet, steamy, small town Blue Moon Series was born and the world also got their romantic suspense fix from Waverly Sinner and Xavier Saint in two intense, hot-as-hell novels (my laptop started smoking).

Also this year, Mr. Lucy and I ventured to Belize and Barbados—both of which appear in Sinner & Saint: Breaking the Rules. I can’t imagine a happier ending than Barbados! We drank tropical drinks, swam, and met some great people. And then drank some more.


The other most proudest accomplishment ever for me (did I mention I’m a writer?) was learning the basics of sailing and going out on our sailboat with Mr. Lucy and NOT capsizing. Sure, we fell off the boat ramp and there was that time I couldn’t climb back up the ladder to get out of the water and into the boat. But other than that, I actually did okay! There are few things as freaking cool as feeling the wind fill your sails and push you forward! And I’m hoping for lots more smooth sailing in 2017.

So on this Christmas Day, I just wanted to let you know how deeply I appreciate you and your rabid readership, your mood-boosting comments, and the way you browbeat your friends until they pick up one of my books. You have made my year and I love the crap out of you. I’m really looking forward to our 2017 together.



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  1. Lisa McWhinnie
    Lisa McWhinnie says:

    Your writing has brought a smile, sometimes mischievous, to my face and cannot wait for 2017. Happy new year.

  2. Jeannie Autry
    Jeannie Autry says:

    Thank you for that lovely Christmas letter. I have very much enjoyed meeting you through your books. I am very happy you chose me to be a part of the ARC group. I would definitely love to see you do another romantic suspense book. I even thought you could do a story where the Saint/Sinner team have to go in and rescue her assistant (was her name Nicole? OMG, I’m having a dementia moment). Anyway, I thought she was so cute and loyal and personable and deserved a love story as well and I know you hinted at a love interest at the end.
    I can’t wait to see what you are going to do next. I’m eagerly awaiting Madison’s next book and I would love to hear more about her wedding planning. I thoroughly enjoyed the Christmas video of you and Madison having a lot of fun playing games. What I really wanted to see was a little “pie showdown” game going! Now that would have been funny! Have a wonderful New Year Mr. & Mrs. Lucy! Where will you travel next for a little research for the next riveting romantic suspense????

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