ctlHave you ever been so focused on a project that when you emerge from it you kind of forget how to be a normal human being again? That’s me right now. Back in July when I started writing Sinner & Saint, I was super pumped. I’d been thinking about the characters and the story for quite a while and the writing was going well. Too well.

Before I knew it, I was staring down the barrel of 100k words. And I was only halfway through the story. So one book became two. Now, if you’re anything like me, you hate cliffhangers and unfinished stories (and then as soon as you’ve finished a story, you wish you were still reading it). Well, I can’t do anything about the second thing, but I can help with the first!

I didn’t want you to have to wait an eternity between Sinner & Saint books so I wrote and wrote and wrote until I had told Waverly Sinner and Xavier Saint’s story in two full novels.


  • Sinner & Saint: Crossing the Line will be available for purchase on November 28.
  • Sinner & Saint: Breaking the Rules will be available for PREORDER with Crossing the Line’s launch and will be released on December 28. 

I wrapped up Breaking the Rules on vacation in Barbados and it was an amazing feeling to finish the story I’d been thinking about for almost a year. And let me tell you, celebrating in Barbados was pretty freaking cool! But that’s not important. Let’s talk about what you need to know about Sinner & Saint! Check out the synopsis to Crossing the Line here.

In a Nutshell

Waverly Sinner is a 20-year-old actress trapped by fame—and her manipulative parents. Xavier Saint owns the country’s most prominent private security firm and he’s tired of babysitting entitled celebrities. Waverly is sick of allowing everyone else to make decisions for her. She’s determined to shake him loose. He’s determined to stick. Things get very sparky, very fast, and as they get to know each other, the line between personal and professional gets blurry.

When a stalker gets too close, Xavier needs to stay one step ahead of him to keep Waverly safe. He vows that no one is going to get through him to get to her. But will his personal feelings end up endangering her instead?

Random Fast Facts About Sinner & Saint

  1. Five Years: The books take place five years apart, so that’s a pretty big hint on how the first book ends.
  2. What I Love About Waverly: When we meet her, we find a resilient girl who’s hanging on by a thread. Her life is a wreck, but she’s not giving up until she gets to start calling the shots. She’s damaged and a little desperate for change. Catching up with her five years later, she’s a bad-ass woman with a kick-ass life. And she’s not big on second chances.
  3. What I Love About Xavier: EVERYTHING. The man is a Boy Scout. I know bad boys are hot, but man, I love writing a good guy. He’s protective, possessive, and has hero written all over him. He will do anything to protect Waverly and, in the second book, anything to get her to forgive him.
  4. Secrets, Trust Issues, and Really Messy Relationships: I was in reader/writer heaven.
  5. The Middle: Don’t be discouraged by how the first book ends. I’m Lucy Freaking Score, I don’t believe in unhappily ever after. This is just the halfway point of their story. I make up for it in the second book!

Bottom Line

These two novels are hot and angsty and suspenseful. If you liked Pretend You’re Mine, I think you’re really going to enjoy the Sinner & Saint books. I’m really excited for you to fall in love with Xavier and Waverly! See you on the 28th!