This weekend marked a huge milestone of sorts for me. On October 22, 2015, Pretend You’re Mine was published on Amazon. The timing was incredibly fortuitous as I had just gotten canned from my job the day before.

Let me back up a bit, I worked for a conservative accounting firm. And, guessing that the news wouldn’t be well-received, I kept my hobby of romance writing TOP SECRET. During my annual review when one of the bosses showed concern that I didn’t share any personal goals with them, I kept my mouth shut and didn’t say, “My goal is to write bestselling romance novels so I can quit this job.”

I wrote and released Undercover Love earlier that year and, while secretly thrilled by its modest success, I didn’t tell a soul at work that my dreams of being a published author came true. But I was so proud of the work I’d done with Pretend You’re Mine that when the book was getting formatted for its debut on Amazon, I finally confessed to some of my co-workers.

It felt sooooo good to tell them!

As the launch day neared, I got nervous and felt like it was something I should share with the bosses. I didn’t want them to find out from someone else and feel like I had betrayed them or disappointed them by keeping it a secret.

So the Monday before Pretend You’re Mine came out, I nervously hovered in the doorway of one of the bosses (I had several). I made my confession and considered it a success when she didn’t seem upset.

On Wednesday I was called into the conference room and told that my services at the company would no longer be needed and that I could have until the end of the year to find a new job.

I was devastated.

I’d struggled with the job from the beginning, but felt so invested in the people and my efforts. I felt like I was a failure, as if there was something wrong with me that I just couldn’t fit into the professional world. I’d been laid off three years prior from what I thought was my dream job at a newspaper that canned seventy people in one day the same year they won the Pulitzer. I’d also spent years working for a university’s alumni magazine in a sweet work from home deal that ended abruptly when my supervisor needed to shore up the department’s budget.

I took all of these “departures” personally, spending half the time feeling like a big, fat failure and the other half of the time indignant that no one recognized my value to their organization. (OK, it was probably more like 20/80.)

So I went home, freshly fired, and the next morning Pretend You’re Mine went live on Amazon.

I can’t even tell you how proud I am of that book and all of the amazing accolades it earned. It changed my life and gave me a new start as the author I always dreamed I would be. Thanks to book sales, I was able to quit before the end of the year. Which, I’ll admit, felt so damn good.

It’s been a year since then. And I never could have imagined where this year would take me. I’ve been writing full time and, by the end of December, I’ll have six published books to my name. I’ve slept late, taken vacations, learned to sail, and written almost every single day. I make my own schedule and worship the flexibility that I now have.

Of course, it hasn’t been all Champagne and sandy beaches. This is the hardest freaking job I’ve ever had in my life. Sometimes I sit at my computer for twelve hours a day trying to make the story perfect for you (and for me). Sometimes I hit a wall, a thirty-story brick wall that seems insurmountable. I don’t have stubborn or short-sighted or “this is the way we’ve always done it” bosses to blame mistakes on. I worry about running out of ideas. I worry about having too many ideas. I worry about disappointing readers. I worry about embarrassing family members when they read the sexy parts. I worry that the next book won’t sell. I worry about dumping all of the household stuff on Mr. Lucy because I’m glued to my keyboard. I worry about not being there for friends and family when a deadline looms. I worry about suddenly sucking at writing.

But I keep doing it. Because I love it. Because this is what I’m supposed to do.

So thank you to Mr. Lucy for supporting my dreams and telling me that the best thing that could happen to me would be to get fired, to my family who isn’t remotely surprised that this is where I am today,to the indie publisher who took a chance on me, to the people who believed in me, and even the people who didn’t believe in me. Because of all of you, I pushed hard to make this happen and I’m so proud to be here today!



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  1. Paulette
    Paulette says:

    I believe this is all happening because it’s suppose to!! This is what you were meant to do. Not everyone is able to follow a dream,
    so grab on and enjoy the ride! You will never run out of ideas because you love what you do with all your heart! Looking forward to many more escapes into books by Lucy Score!!!!

  2. Amy Haase
    Amy Haase says:

    Lucy I love that you love writing so much! It definately shows in your books???? Thank you for the great stories and how much time you have invested in them! I cant wait to read more from you. You are going to be great! Dont worry about the future, that will come when it comes. You will be fine because nonmatter what happens you have a husband who loves you and he is in totaly support of you and that is all that really matters right????

  3. TJ
    TJ says:

    When doors get slammed in your face, it’s usually because that’s not the right door for us but we were too afraid to make a change. You are meant to write!! Your books have been read and reread, they are my go to comfort space. You made those characters come to life!!

    • Lucy Score
      Lucy Score says:

      Thank you! It was definitely an escalated path :) I was planning to hang in there for another two years before attempting to write full time. I’m so glad you enjoy the stories and the characters that have come out of all of this!

  4. Lavonne
    Lavonne says:

    Thanks so much for sharing this with us. It’s wonderful when life works out for people to do what they love, in my experience that is rare. I love your books and Pretend you’re mine is in my top 5. I recommend it to everyone!

  5. Samantha
    Samantha says:

    I am so happy you are doing your dream. I have loved all of your books and think Pretend You Are Mine is my favorite book of any I have read, which is upwards of 200. I have recommended it to several people. I have even reread all of your books more than once and cry and laugh every time I read them. You are one of my favorite authors. Keep doing what you love!

  6. Lisa
    Lisa says:

    I am so glad this is working for you! You grab “misfortune” and turned it into a great opportunity! I do enjoy your writings and look forward to many more. Although I do not know you, I am confident you have a multitude of fantastic ideas. You have clearly demonstrated your talent. Write on!!

    • Lucy Score
      Lucy Score says:

      Turning lemons into lemonade! Or limes into margaritas (entirely more accurate for my life). Thank you so much for your confidence, Lisa! I promise to keep going :)

  7. Melissa
    Melissa says:

    This is great! I love your candor! My first book releases on Amazon next Friday and I feel so many of those same fears and they eat at me. I have followed your work from the beginning and honestly consider you a role model and have only respect for you and your work. You are amazing and I hope you keep on writing books because I will keep on reading them!

  8. J.M.L.
    J.M.L. says:

    This is so inspirational! I have lots of stories written, but nothing published. After reading this, I am inspired to give it a go!!! I love your book, and I want to live in Blue Moon!!! PS, fellow Pennsylvania here!!! I am in the Philly suburbs!!!!

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