Mr. Lucy and I ventured out to San Diego last week for the Romance Writers of America convention where I met NORA ROBERTS! Okay, it was a book signing and she basically met everyone in a 50-mile radius of San Diego, but it still totally counts.

You may wonder why this is such a big deal to me. Nora Roberts is literally the reason I write romance novels. I’ve been reading Nora’s books since I got tall enough to sneak them off my mom’s book shelf. Her latest book, The Obsession, is one of my all-time favorites. So you can imagine how embarrassingly excited I was last week. Like horribly embarrassing because this happened.


Nora and the mysterious Mr. Lucy are photobombed by a crazy woman.

Yup. I photobombed Nora Roberts. She was a very good sport about it.

So my Nora exposure continued with a Q&A during the conference. And here are a few of the highlights of said Q&A.

Nora Roberts cleans her glasses before her Q&A and we watch in fascination.

Nora Roberts cleans her glasses before her Q&A and we watch in fascination.

Nora drops the f-bomb

“Put a f*&#ing period!”

In an anecdote about the editing process, Nora mentioned a writer who confessed to spending two weeks on a sentence and couldn’t figure out how to end it. Nora’s response:

Nora on marriage

“Being married to a writer, you have to be insane.”

When asked what qualities a writer should look for in a spouse/partner, Nora recommends finding someone who “knows when to shut the f&%* up” and doesn’t “invade your space when you’re working.”

I think we could pass for sisters.

I think we could pass for sisters.

Question for Nora 

“Do you have regular human emotions?”

A guy in the audience asked Nora if she experiences the same doubt and anxiety as the rest of us. She does. We’re basically sisters. See?

Random entertaining quotes

“A little head wound will just gush.”

“A dog, for me, completes your life.”

“Bring out the fish sticks.”

“I don’t want to talk to anyone at all. Probably ever.”