LucyScoreHR-86To celebrate this holiday weekend, I thought I’d give you a teensy peek into THINGS YOU DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT PRETEND YOU’RE MINE.

How’s that for excitement? Let’s jump right in, shall we?

The Idea

The idea for Pretend You’re Mine came from binge watching surprise military homecoming videos and sobbing hysterically. The videos made me think that if that day is so joyful, how painful is the day of deployment? And then the entire Luke leaving and the “Stay” scene popped into my head. And voila! The book was born.

No Bad Guy?

The original storyline didn’t have Clive Perry in it. I know, right? What was I thinking? I was almost done with the first draft when I realized I really wanted to give Harper something that she’s been running from, a physical obstacle to her putting down roots. And creeper Clive was born.

When Did Luke Fall in Love with Harper?

Luke fell for Harper the second he saw her jump on Glenn’s back in the parking lot. He just didn’t know what he was feeling because of his sense of guilt related to his past. He tried to tell himself it was just lust, but he was as fiercely protective of Harper as he was the rest of his family.

Luke’s sister Sophie recognized his feelings and schemed to get them together so nature could take its course. Its very slow, stubborn course. In fact, all of Benevolence knew that Luke loved Harper before Luke ever admitted it to himself.

My Favorite Scene

The grocery store fight. I wanted the first time that Harper saw Luke again after the breakup to be really emotional…and a little funny. I loved the tension between Luke and Harper here, even before they see each other. And the escalation that happens with Luke finding Harper wrapped up in Linc’s arms in the cooler, was so exciting to write.

It was so much fun incorporating the townspeople into this scene. They know the score and do their best to protect Harper, but when they’re efforts fail they’re happy to watch how it all unfolds even with their freezer goods melting in their abandoned carts. And Ty getting to punch Luke in the face was kind of like every reader getting their shot at knocking a little sense into him.

My Favorite Character

Aldo. I still have a huge crush on that man.

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  1. Jessica
    Jessica says:

    Hi Lucy,
    Ha! I’m glad I can find more discussion on PYM! I love these little tidbits~ they are a fun reminder of some parts some might forget~ I would to head back to Benevolence again right now. Are there any little teasers for a second? I’ll share the website (especially this section!) on Twitter with Romance Readers. Thanks!

    • Lucy Score
      Lucy Score says:

      Thanks so much, Jessica! I don’t have any concrete plans for a second book, but Linc is still single! :) I am releasing a new bonus scene to Pretend You’re Mine in the next few days and I’ll announce it in my newsletter. Happy reading! xoxo

  2. Erica
    Erica says:

    Lucy! I’ve never been too much of a reader and quite frankly wasn’t really looking for a book to read when j stumbled upon Pretend You’re Mine on kindle. Needless to say I have read your book twice already! It’s not just the story line and steamy parts that grabbed my attention. But the relationships between so many characters that just kept reeling me back in over and over again. I don’t think twice will be enough for me!
    P. S. I loved Aldo too!

    • Lucy Score
      Lucy Score says:

      Thank you so much, Erica! I’m so happy to hear that! I LOVED writing Pretend You’re Mine and I still check in with the characters in my head. I’ll be releasing a new bonus scene for Pretend You’re Mine soon! #AldoForever

  3. Helen
    Helen says:

    I just wanted to say I love all of your books Lucy. I’m constantly searching on the kindle store to see if you have released anything else. Pretend your mine is definitely my favourite book, the story is so detailed and carefully thought out. I hope there will be a second book based in the town.

    • Lucy Score
      Lucy Score says:

      Thank you, Helen! Make sure you’re signed up for my newsletter because I plan to release a new bonus scene to Pretend You’re Mine this week and my newsletter subscribers get first access! Thanks for reading!!

  4. Fernanda
    Fernanda says:

    Hello Lucy,
    I absolutely love reading your books because they always have such strong characters. The leading ladies are always do caring and strong. Pretend you’re mine was the first book i read and i instantly fell in love. I can definitely say best book I’ve read. I also read the blue moon series and i recommended it to everyone i knew. I can’t wait to read undercover love!

    • Lucy Score
      Lucy Score says:

      Thank you so much, Fernanda! I love writing awesome, ballsy leading ladies! :) My next two books are one story that follows the same couple and we get to watch the girl go from from someone who is closed off and defensive to a kick-ass heroine who rocks. Sinner & Saint: Crossing the Line will be out on November 28 and the next one, Breaking the Rules, will follow in December!

  5. Marlene Spohn
    Marlene Spohn says:

    Lucy I loved this book, it has been a long long time that a book caught my interest so fast and i could literally to put my iPad down. I did not want the book to end. Love your characters as I too was from a small town and can relate to all of what went on. Wish there were more characters in the book to have a volume two. Thank you for writing this book it was wonderful.

  6. Tammy
    Tammy says:

    I loved this book. It is without a doubt one of my favorite top 5 books of all time (Yes, a southern girl here so GWTW is #1;) . There are not many books that I wish would have a “sequel” or just keep going on and on but again this book is one of the ones I just want more of. I have read it so many times and have even bought the auidable verson of it so I can listen to it. Soo I wanted to know if there is a way to get the bouns scene? :)

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