Being a super awesome romance writer — if I do say so myself — affords me countless opportunities to ponder love in all its “shades” (ha) and nuances.

During the course of feeding my Pinterest sickness, I stumbled across a super cute graphic that summed up my philosophy about relationships.

Love Laugh

It made me smile because that’s how I feel about Mr. Lucy. See, Mr. Lucy is one of those closet funny people. For the most part he appears to be a serious, intelligent, functioning adult. And then he jumps out and smashes you over the head with a joke or an observation or a sarcastic remark when you least expect it. He makes me laugh. Every. Single. Day.

And that’s probably the thing I value most about him: His ability to entertain the ever-living crap out of me. His commitment to honoring what I find funny makes me constantly grateful through giggles.

I read and write romance every day. I’m all about the alpha males who will do anything to protect the women they love. Or the tender-hearted heroes who just need the love of a good woman to heal. Or the sparks-flying, bonfire ignition of opposites attracting.

But what I love about us readers is that, as much as we all love these spicy, sassy stories, we still want a guy who will make us laugh until we’re in danger of peeing our pants. And I know that because that cute graphic was the most popular post on my Facebook page EVER. And I regularly post pictures of hot, shirtless guys. So that’s saying a lot.

So cheers to all of you out there with a fetish for funniness and a hankering for humor. These are the relationships that last forever.