I freaking love love. Granted, you kind of have to in order to write romance novels. It’s a prerequisite. But even if I wasn’t a writer of romance, I’d still love love.

I hit the love lottery with Mr. Lucy. Growing up reading romance novels gave me some pretty lofty expectations when it came to relationships and Mr. Lucy has surpassed those expectations! So when a reader tells me she wishes that the men in my book were real, I tell her they are and I mean it.

When you have a great source of love in your life it makes you more sensitive to recognizing it in other forms. You’ll find it in any soul that makes you feel like you’re home, no matter where you are.


You’ll find love in the way…

  • Your mom rolls her eyes when you tell a funny family story that wasn’t funny when it happened.
  • Your dog sighs and falls asleep in your lap when you finally sit down at the end of the day
  • Your heart feels happy after reading a beautiful story.
  • Your face hurts from laughing with your best friend.
  • Your grandparents hold hands when they think no one is looking.
  • A kid’s face lights up when he asks you to watch him (somersault, take a big bite of pizza, jump into the pool) and you do.
  • Your neighbor shovels the snow from your walk or drops off a casserole when they know you could use an extra hand.

It’s all love. And that’s what I enjoy writing about. Big, messy families, crazy neighbors, poorly behaved pets, and heroes and heroines who have finally found each other.

My Valentine’s Day wish for you, dear reader, is that you feel loved today. Even if it’s just from me! Thank you for reading, for reaching out, for sharing my books with your friends. Thank you especially for telling me that the stories and characters who hold my heart also hold yours.

I’ll leave you with this picture of two of my favorite Valentine’s. My grandparents.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you.