Reader Profile: Nishi the event planner with a to-die-for library

My reader friend Nishi and I met on Facebook through a shared love of books. Her comments about her life caught my eye and I thought she would be the perfect person to kick off my Reader Interview blog series. We’re both Aquarians and share an obsessive appreciation for the Sweet Valley High books and […]


Belated Mr. Fixer Upper

Looking for your next book hangover? I’ve got just the thing: Gannon King. I always like to do a blog about my new book right around its release date. But thanks to a vacation, a move, and a really great launch, I dropped the ball on the blog! But you’re all too busy reading Mr. […]

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You’re awesome. Here’s a free book.

So, I did it. I wrote and gave away a free, full-length romance novel to my newsletter subscribers. And man did it feel good! Voila, Where It All Began, the Blue Moon prequel made its debut. The idea started last year when a handful of readers came to me and where like “Yo, Lucy! We […]

Happy Father’s Day

It’s Father’s Day in the U.S. and what better time to give all the dads and stepdads and stand-in dads out there a shout out? You are our non-fiction heroes. Whether you’re coaching disastrous kid sports teams or working overtime or answering the seventeenth “Hey, daddy?” in five minutes, you and your big hearts are […]


Where It All Began free book

You guys are getting a free book on June 23! When you’re a writer and your readers come to you and say “We really want you to write this,” you have to at least think about it. That’s what I did when a handful of readers decided they’d like a prequel to the Blue Moon […]

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